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Posts from the Past

I moved my blog to WordPress at the end of 2007, and I’m still copying across posts from the old blog! I’ve got as far as March 2007.

While copying across a post called Night Terrors (my cat’s, not mine!), I find I’m the only person on using the tags ghostly cat, pets dreaming and sleepwalking pets. That’s a little disappointing, except that two others are using the tag ghost cat, so I think I’ll throw in my lot with them. (Note: those of you who enjoy Lolcatz will love one of the posts in particular. Now nobody will read the rest of my post. 😀 ).

A Few Oddities reminds me of Pete’s haircutting dilemma.

Early to bed, early to rise… my disagreement with that particular piece of moralism in Failed Mooch.

The Spring Brings Flowers… a thought on both pet loss and human loss.

Dogs and Ducks… some time ago I realized the dogs I talked about in this post, coming down from the duckpond, were the same crowd who went after Thundercloud here and here.

Then there was a nightmare about a storm and a sea serpent.

I think Jane Eyre is on now…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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