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Friday Search Blogging

I don’t spend much time in my blog stats, mostly because I don’t know what nasty surprises might lie in wait, such as somebody’s been reading some horrible old post I thought I deleted months ago…

But I’m always interested to see the key search terms that bring people to my blog. These are some of the nicest / most intriguing I’ve had in the past months:

Samson and Delilah curled together

“a trouble shared”
“he cometh not” i’m weary
beanie babies mishap
birds on computer for cats to watch
butterfly no one know you must be free
can birds fly in rainy days
cats holding each other
cuspid tooth fairy
definition: diddums
dr who beastly blobs
dream interpretation, stroking an owl
feeling of claustrophobia in dreams
gender issues in jurassic park
ghostly singing
introvert survival
is dreaming of an owl good

My Primark teddy bear and Tigger

jim carey alllllllll righty then
kitten panic button
magic teddy bear
mouse can’t catch button
name meaning, pacian
nightmares about birds
primark teddy bear
sentences using supercede
stephen fry and teddy bear
teddy bear primark
tigger hoodies
wallpapers of driftings
was central heating around in dickens ti
why is breaking your neck so dangerous?
yellow eyes in dreams
you’re only human -joel



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Friday Search Blogging

  1. He’s irresistable, isn’t he? 🙂 Recently put a version of him (not a photograph) into a desktop wallpaper competition. He didn’t win, but never mind. 🙂 I will have to do more beary wallpapers, there aren’t enough out there.

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