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Just Reading Around

A Guardian article on digital theft.

A BBC news article: Bank customer data sold on eBay.

My Broken-foot Summer by The Guardian (the comments were more interesting than the article).

Don’t Moralise to Disabled People. Listen to Them by The Herald.

Something to enjoy if you like Photoshop and tutorials: The Photoshop Lady. (I’ve not tried any yet).



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2 thoughts on “Just Reading Around

  1. Love the Photoshop Lady link — have added it to my bookmarks and forwarded the link to Chick. Can’t wait to try some of the tutorials. I’m such a novice, but I LOVE to ‘push all the buttons’ and learn.


  2. I hope they are good tutorials; it’s frustrating when trying one that misses steps or doesn’t explain something clearly, and then you go and do the wrong thing and your picture ends up nothing like it’s supposed to be. 🙂 I suppose that’s not quite as bad as losing one’s boat to French ships and storms.

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