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After my last blog post about trying to remember the simple name of a simple film, Thomas said he’s always been bad at remembering films and actors, but is much better when it comes to songs.

I was about to say ‘moi aussi’, but then (tonight!) I had another episode of forgetfulness, this time over music… though I could be forgiven it this time, as I was thinking of a song I played around 35 years ago.

I was working on my fractal skills in Apophysis, and there was a variation called ‘butterfly’… and just like that, a song came into my head which I haven’t heard or thought of in years. The tune was there, the voice, the party atmosphere and the beat… but not the singer’s name or the lyrics.

Mum thought at first I was referring to Love is Like a Butterfly, but it wasn’t that, so we went upstairs to look at the old albums and singles, purely because the ladder was down and we wanted to know. I found two versions of the right song, but both were instrumentals. I’m sure somebody sang it just in time for some nice 70s discos with long bright dresses, popcorn and New Year bonfires.

We played records (of course!) including both of the wordless Butterflies, one of which was on Hammond Fascination by T.W. Ardy. (Probably very uncool now but great fun, especially a lively track called Hot Love). Delilah did her level best to push a heavy box file on top of the spinning records, but I foiled her dastardly plot. That record did not come overseas with us from 35 years ago just to be destroyed by a little red Miss with whiskers and a tail. She sure knows how to sulk, though.

After a while, Mum went for her bath and I played a single I’ve been thinking about a lot – Riders in the Sky by the Shadows. I’ll forever associate it now with a particular Dean Koontz book… the electric atmosphere is perfect. It was a cheap portable record player instead of my nice hi-fi, which hasn’t been set up yet, but I think I’m right to suspect that CDs don’t sound as clear to me as the old record players and hi-fi systems did. There’s something acid sharp about certain brass notes from the record; they cut through and are heard whereas they tend to get lost in my CDs.

I never did find our pop record, but I got onto Google and identified it with the songwriter clues I found on the albums:

Butterfly by Danyel Gerard

The link is to a YouTube clip. The singer is such a character! It’s the first time I’ve seen him.

My butterfly,
In one month I will return
My butterfly,
Close to you I will remain

I found some French lyrics and used Babelfish to help me translate them (I think I did better than Babelfish) but then I found he sang an English version which is different! He’s older in that second clip but his colourful character hasn’t faded any.

Butterfly, my butterfly, now I know you must be free
Butterfly, don’t flutter by, stay a little while with me.

Très plaisant de mettre un visage au chanson. Feel free to correct my French… I just wanted to try.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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