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Trying Hard to Remember

Sometimes I worry about my memory. I was trying to remember the name of a film I watched less than a week ago, and all I could remember about it was the name of the leading actress… Demi Moore. I knew the name of the leading actor, but it escaped me (and not for the first time…) I keep muddling him up with John Travolta, though I know very well he’s not. So I think “John Travolta…. actually, it’s that other one…”, and the right name just doesn’t come up because it’s stuck behind the wrong name).


I tried to remember what other films I have seen this guy in, and the only one I could remember was one that involved the Alaskan wilderness, a plane crash in icy water, a grizzly bear, and that other very famous actor I like very much. Only I couldn’t remember HIS name, or the name of the film… All I could remember as an identifying feature was the phrase “there goes a man with a plane.” I looked it up in Google, and would you believe, it didn’t identify the film for me.

So now I had to try and remember the name of the other actor in that film. I knew he was in Silence of the Lambs (only I couldn’t remember the name of *that* film, which I’ve never seen, and for some reason I couldn’t remember ‘Hannibal Lector’ either). Are you getting frightened yet? I was!


Oh yes, wait a minute, I’ve never seen the film, but everybody’s heard about liver with Chianti. So I typed that into Google (liver Chianti), followed a Wikipedia link, and bingo… had his name! Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Next Google search: Antony Hopkins film Alaskan wilderness. Bingo again! Film name: The Edge. Co-starring human male actor was Alec Baldwin, the one I link with John Travolta.

Third and final Google search: alec baldwin demi moore film mafia

And there it was… the film I was trying to remember! The Juror. What a palaver… and thank goodness for Google.



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