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Disappearing Trick

Delilah -- my red girl cat

No, not Mum this time, or Samson. It was Delilah (my red girl cat). She went missing last night, which was very unlike her, as she’s a bit of a homebody. It was quite late when I finally cottoned onto the fact that I hadn’t seen Delilah all evening and she was still missing, even when I gave Samson their bedtime snack.

I tried to get into the shed as Mum had been in there during the day… only to discover she had changed the padlock and I didn’t know how to open it. I was quite worried; Delilah is young and strong with a thick woolly coat (warm) but I had visualizations of her going the same way Sharky did (getting shut in somewhere all through a long cold night… already strained organs giving up the ghost).

I checked cupboards and the loft, but she didn’t seem to be there.

At first I didn’t want to go to bed as I was too worried, and I lay there rather stiffly, clenching my fists. I was angry with the world for going to sleep and not checking that all the cats were where they should be before going, not checking their outbuildings properly or the road behind them when they reverse, for having cars at all, for having sheds or garages without cat flaps!… and I was angry with the night. I wanted to grab a clock and force the hand round, or wrench the entire planet round till daylight returned to the United Kingdom. I didn’t have any time for this ‘lying down under cover of darkness’ malarkey.

Got up this morning, threw on a dressing gown and my glasses, and the next thing I did was look to see if Delilah had returned from wherever. There she was, snoring on my computer chair. I gave her a hug and a kiss, and she just said “mmf!” and kept sleeping. (Another thing Sharky did when he finally escaped from the neighbour’s outbuilding, but the difference was that Delilah looked warm and happy, whereas Sharky was cold and miserable).

I asked Mum where she found Delilah (I assume she heard me thumping about at midnight; the back door can never close quietly… but she left me to it rather than get up to demand answers). She said the cat was in her room last night, but she didn’t realize it till she got up at 3 a.m. for a quick nose-powdering session, and Delilah suddenly jumped on her bed. She must have been sleeping underneath.

Cats!!! They’ll be the death of me. I’ll get so worried or upset or angry one night that I’ll have a heart attack and perish on the spot.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “Disappearing Trick

  1. You made my heart stop until I got to the part where she reappeared. Thank Goodness! I have searched for kitties where there were no nooks/crannies/spaces, and they still were able to slide themselves under the invisibility cloak!

    So glad this was an ‘ends well’ for Delilah!


  2. I really wanted to march into Mum’s room and search it, but she was sleeping (in theory) and I couldn’t imagine Delilah would stay in there without jumping on Mum, or that Mum would let her stay overnight without a litter tray. I wanted to search her room anyway. 🙂

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