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Found in Google Index

Was scanning a list of Google search terms for a sea tutorial (Photoshop), and the following search result made me chuckle:

“Again no tutorial is included and again it can be very frustrating. Many times during my first venture out onto sea, storm or French ship destroyed my boat…”



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4 thoughts on “Found in Google Index

  1. I can recognise a snippet of text about a computer game anywhere.

    I’m playing a game right now which seems to like to provide every other tutorial message you might expect: a pop-up telling you which button makes your character get in a vehicle, but not which one makes him/her get out (naturally, it is not the same button).

  2. There are some terrible tutorials around… some miss steps; don’t really tell you how to do things; tell you to make your own brush for the next step (and don’t explain what it should look like or how to make it… I know how to make them but not everybody would); or they spring unexpected news (about halfway through) that you will need such and such and you can’t proceed without it.

    Bad tutorials lead to bad pictures… or to being outgunned by French ships and eaten by sea serpents.

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