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Maintaining a Presence

I was roaming around one of the art sites and came across a page where the young artist was saying “I’ve had enough of this! Every week I get news that my work is being used without my permission in articles and on sites, or being sold, etc, and I’m just fed up with it. I’m going to pull all my pictures off and leave.”

One of his friends came along and said “wait a minute, please think about this first… if you go, leaving all your pictures out there, nobody will know who created them. But if you stay long enough, people will get to know.”

That is true… and the ones who didn’t make them usually give themselves away, one way or another.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Maintaining a Presence

  1. I know how frustrating it is.

    Someone I thought was a friend took one of my images and put it on a t-shirt. I would have given him permission, but it really irritated me that he just took it.

    I think the digital world does make it a lot harder for artists and authors to make a living. It is a lot easier for the Bad Guys to pirate your stuff, and a lot of times even the Good Guys will take it without giving it a second thought.


  2. But how wise of his friend to tell him not to abandon his wonderful work to be alone without the dotted line leading back to him.


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