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The Good and the Bad

The Good... and the Bad

Mm… I just love halva… Mum hates it, which has always puzzled me, but I suppose our tastes aren’t always the same.

I got up yesterday to find I’d won a 3-month subscription to one of the arts sites. I’d put something in for a very small, individually run contest there and got 3rd or 4th… sort of, because there didn’t have to be any more winners! Two more of us got in anyway.

It wasn’t the attached image that won, in case you were wondering (holding a tissue to your mouth)… just a photomanipulation.

There are some lovely folk out there; they don’t have to hold these contests, nor do they have to give prizes (or so I would have thought). I would be just as happy to enter contests without prizes, just for the fun of it, and would have entered that one anyway. Now I’m wondering if maybe I shouldn’t enter any more for a while, in case I win another subscription… but really I’m not that good. I can probably go for the big ones with some big hitters in it, as I won’t win!

Well, that was the good news. The bad news?

I used to have a home-made bumper sticker (just run off on the printer on ordinary writing paper) stuck inside one of my kitchen wall cupboards: “IT’S AS BAD AS YOU THINK AND THEY’RE OUT TO GET YOU.”

It just tickled my warped sense of humour. I found a nice clean spare one lying around the other day and stuck it inside one of Mum’s wall cupboards. A few days later it was utterly destroyed when a packet of stir-fry sauce exploded. Splattered with brown gunge; dripping. Ruined.


Mum realized she should have kept the stir-fry sauce in the fridge, not the cupboard. It exploded two or three days after its Best Before date.

There’s another ‘bumper sticker’ further up the same door, completely untouched by the sauce… “It’s lonely at the top but you eat better.” Smug git.



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5 thoughts on “The Good and the Bad

  1. Well, I thought of that, but she didn’t realize it should have been in the fridge till she dug it out of the bin to check the blurb. “That’s DANGEROUS,” she said! Imagine if it exploded in your hands…. what a mess. Yuck.

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