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Play Runrig

Once I laboriously compiled a list of my ten favourite Runrig songs… it involved playing every song of theirs that I had and adjusting my list till I was happy. That’s the beauty of top tens!

I was a member of the Runrig fan club until the club HQ had a fire in Aberdeen and lost some of their records. Rumours abounded… I still know nothing of what happened there. I continued to receive newsletters, I think, which was how I knew, but decided to let the subscription go… probably had all I wanted from the newsletters. I’ve never been a concert-goer and it seemed to be mostly a publication for those who were interested in that, but I bought at least one Runrig tape (Play Gaelic: the first ‘legendary’ recordings) and a couple of concert videos before bowing out.

It was the club who asked fans for their top ten Runrig songs, and just now I was wondering which I said… I don’t think my list influenced the final results much; I was disappointed when they weren’t word for word my own choice. 😉 Tsk! Ruined by all these other terrible fans writing in with their inconsequential favourites! None of the old Gaelic songs, for instance, if I remember right. They were somewhat looked down upon but I thought they were beautiful. Chi mi’n Geamhradh (I See the Winter) made it to my top ten. I found (for the first time) a translation… here. (There are a number of songs on the page, do a search for ‘winter’!) An alternative translation on another site is a little bit different, it says ‘mists’ instead of ‘city’.

Knowing my squirrel habits, I know I kept that list… somewhere. The distant voice in my mind (the continuity part of me) is even telling me where.
Shurrup. I’m going to bed.



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6 thoughts on “Play Runrig

  1. Feeling a bit befuddled tonight; kept trying to visit my blog and getting the wrong page.

    Thanks for the video link, Pete. 🙂

    I like Capercaillie too; both excellent in their own ways. I see one of those conversations on the video page about whether or not Runrig would have been Runrig without Donnie’s singing voice. They all contributed something, but I was sad he left.

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