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Music is Contagious

Playing my music last night seems to have rubbed off on Mum… I came downstairs this morning and she was sorting through some photographs, her iPod at full blast in the white iPod station I gave her. Perhaps she’s trying to stay connected to her younger self too.

On a sadder note, I slipped out to see if the bee was still there, and he had fallen off the flower to the ground. Definitely slipped away now. Hopefully he is cavorting in the sun of Bee Heaven; thanks Shu.

Music drives away all these phantoms and keeps us firmly anchored.

I was trying to pick him up to put him somewhere he wouldn’t get trodden on, and Delilah the cat came along, stuck her nose in, and the bee went flying as though he was a tiddlywink. “Oops!” said Delilah in studied amazement, and tried to do it again, and I said “gerroff! Leave my bee alone!”

Speak of the she-demon and she will appear… there was a thud as a small red cat appeared on the desk to read my blog over my shoulder. I suppose small red cats also drive away all these phantoms (and bees) and keep us firmly anchored…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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