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A Plain Life for the Single

I was annoyed the last few times I flipped through the bed linen section of a catalogue. Why are satin, lace, silky, furbelowed duvet sets only available in double or king size? Single sets are usually things like Hello Kitty, Spiderman and the Disney princesses, or they have large brown dots or stripes on. Hello, I’m over 40, and although I have a double bed at my own house, my tenants are currently sleeping in it. If I chose to, could I not have satiny or frilly deals on my single bed to celebrate the fact that I can stretch out luxuriously while nobody sits clipping his toenails on the foot of the bed (unless I accidentally let Samson in)?

Hmm…. Hello Kitty. (Muses).

Come to think of it, I’d get one. I have a Hello Kitty desktop, so why not? I could have a different picture on my bed every day. Hello Kitty today, Barbarella tomorrow, Nemo the clown fish the day after tomorrow (unless they have a nice cosy Day After Tomorrow pattern). Pity they don’t do fractal ones or ‘design your own’, though I suppose nothing is stopping us from designing our own anyway. I could take up quilting and print favourite fractals on each square… if I was really clever and dedicated, I could turn it into a mosaic of a monster fractal, and then I’d have special reason to freak out when the cats come and clip their toenails on it.

I think I’ll stick with Hello Kitty.

I found this BBC News article just now: Singles ‘face Alzheimer’s risk’. If there’s anything logical in that at all, I don’t think it’s got anything to do with marriage; it has a lot to do with the state of society and the loss of community. When I found it, I had just come from typing that silly piece about single people never having the option of sleeping on satin sheets, and I thought “ah ha…. and it’s no wonder we end up with Alzheimer’s! We are treated like children.” (Hides Hello Kitty duvet set under the bed).

Having read the article all the way to the end, I was left feeling rather puzzled. What do vacuum cleaners have to do with it? Maybe I should socialize with my little white one more often. I keep it shut in the cubby hole and never talk to it.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

9 thoughts on “A Plain Life for the Single

  1. You can get photos printed onto fabric…then you could make a quilt with panels of your very own fractals…

    …or you could have hello kitty.

    I wonder if it isn’t so much Alzheimers, as going somewhat batty from being alone a lot…and noone to notice said battiness until it’s rather far along.

  2. They think all crazy cat ladies are single. ;-). The assumption is that they’re all in there anyway.

    Hi Pete, perhaps they think single people would sneak friends in when nobody was looking… a way of saving money. Hmf.

  3. Hi Chiya, I’m not much of a semptress, though my grandmother was good! I suspect I would fork out for the materials and then leave it all in a box… I would be afraid of making a mess of it. That’s what usually happens. 🙂

  4. I gave my wonderful tempurpedic queen-sized bed to my daughter when we moved in together and with my mother. I felt so much ‘guilt’ about having the really good bed. So I took a single, arguing that at my age and the way life was going that was all I needed. Big mistake on many fronts, most of all because with 4 cats, I’m not the only one determined to fit in that bed! PLUS, like you, I have been chagrined over the lack of ‘grown-up’ bed linens. Frustrating!

    I will tell you that my parents were married for 56 years and my mother still got Alzheimer’s. I don’t know what makes one get it and one not (my father was utterly brilliant even on his deathbed). It’s just a really mean and horrible disease.


  5. Maybe if you bribe Chick, she would let you have the good bed back. 🙂

    It could be that for health or genetic reasons some people are more predisposed to Alzheimer’s, and a certain lifestyle (such as loneliness) will bring it on faster than it might otherwise have manifested… just guessing. If I get it, I won’t have a daughter and granddaughter to help me through, like your mother has… she is fortunate indeed to have you both.

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