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Cruising Shark

The night before last, I had an unsettling dream; it’s a man’s face I keep seeing when I think back. I was cold, wet, chilled through and through, and had entered some public building during the night. There were a number of other people there, and I told them my story. Unexpectedly, a top executive came down from on high to speak to me. He was smart in his mid-grey suit; quite handsome and pleasant-mannered, about 45 or 50 (full head of hair, sort of mousy-brown-blond). An aura of quiet wealth seemed to hang around him.

Blue or grey eyes, no glasses, pale (but not in a sickly way). Very straight-backed but not stiff. He gazed calmly at me and said, “We heard you’ve had a bad time and are very sorry to hear it; can we do anything to help?”

He was cool and reserved, though polite, and I found I didn’t really want to discuss whatever it was. I was just a minor problem to be dealt with, and I found that chilling. I started to answer him, then stopped mid-flow and said to myself “I don’t want this conversation.”

He was still looking at me, waiting for my answer, and even while returning his gaze, I cut off and stepped away. There was no flicker in his eyes, no reaction; there was nobody there. It was just a dream – it was as though he was a Star Trek hologram and I had said, “computer, freeze program!”

I ‘freeze’ my dreams when they get too frightening… big cats, heights, storms, floods, soldiers. Adding a suave executive to the list is new. Sort of.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

6 thoughts on “Cruising Shark

  1. Wow…wish I could do that.
    I’ve always been interested in lucid dreaming and actually manipulating my dreams when I am aware of them. It would be fun to see what you could get up to in yoru dreams.
    Unfortunately I usually wake up when I realise I’m dreaming, and when I don’t, I can’t seem to change things…luckily nightmares are very few and far between for me…

  2. You’ve been having such interesting dreams lately! What’s up with that, my friend??? I’m glad you are able to do some controlling of it. Mine usually just overwhelm me.


  3. I say to myself: “I don’t like that. If I didn’t want that to happen, why accept it, it’s my dream? I can just say it didn’t happen, and it won’t have…”

    So there’s a kind of narrative going on there — me talking to myself. That’s how the changes occur. 🙂 Pity real life isn’t that easy…

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