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Something whimsical

Well, I was amused by my horoscope this morning, which said, “Take every opportunity you can to add some fun to your day, today. The more you focus on creative pursuits, the better! So go ahead and add a silly or whimsical note to your emails and text messages – you’re sure to make someone smile, which is always a good thing. And if you feel like doodling, go all the way. Get out some markers and make a real picture while you’re at it. Stick it to your fridge and see what your family thinks of your latest creation.”

As if I needed any extra encouragement…

But I was browsing one of my picture sites today and there’s a recent member I have doubts about. I don’t think the snaps are hers. I haven’t got involved, but she’s trying to draw me in as support along with half the other active members, who all tell her how lovely her pictures are (when they clearly aren’t). I don’t know what’s going on… there’s something Machiavellian about the whole set-up. To start with, I thought she was manipulating everybody so that later she could point a finger and laugh. “Gotcha good!”

Despite the “go doodling today and make people smile” suggestion, the creative world has its dark side; it isn’t all fun and joy. I’m not smiling. I won’t be joining that person’s support group.

I finished this blog post, left it for a while, and caught sight of an episode of Murder, She Wrote on TV just now. This short exchange snagged my attention:

“Well listen up, pal…”
“I’m not your ‘pal’, pal, and never will be.”



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3 thoughts on “Insincerity

  1. I’ve noticed the “dark side” too. I can’t imagine wanting to take credit for someone else’s work, but it seems to go on quite a bit.

    Since I’m not relying on artwork to pay my bills, I just consider anything I post to be a gift to the public. Once something is released to the internet, you’ve really lost all control anyway.

  2. I’ve always taken that view… once it’s on the internet, you can’t really get it back. There’s something slightly sinister about the person I’m thinking about, but probably it’s just that I don’t understand where she’s coming from.

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