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Summer Agony

Summer Agony

Another bad day… Not John McClane style exactly, but my head was so sore I sat wrapped in a rug. It got worse till the back of my neck hurt and my glands felt as though they were popping. Something came on TV about Bruce Willis in Armageddon and Die Hard; he managed to get the top two slots in the Top Disaster Movies. He’s one of my pin-ups! Or would be, if I had posters. A friend of mine is surprised at my taste, suggesting he’s more brawn than brain. Well, I can’t help it… I like his smile.

I was a little surprised that Die Hard was classed as a disaster movie… they really had me guessing. I guessed at Armageddon (which was second) but it surprised me that The Day After Tomorrow wasn’t up there (it was down at 4, I think). I couldn’t imagine what the top movie was going to be.

I think of disaster movies as being about natural disasters, but possibly the category is a bit broader than I thought. (??) Actually I’m not sure about that, as it would put an awful lot of modern movies in that bracket. I would have called Die Hard an adventure, action, thriller. Any of those three. I suppose a crashing airplane full of nice old ladies and wosname from Star Trek classes as a man-made disaster.

Mum is not fond of ‘horrible’ films and kept leaving the room on little errands, but I made her watch the flying bus in Speed. At first she didn’t want to, but I said she had to; it was good. Otherwise she would never see it. Now she can say she’s seen that bit. When she saw it landed safely, she seemed impressed despite herself… though the look on her face made me think of Moominmamma wishing she could melt into the mural of her garden and spend some time hiding behind the trees for a while.

To get back on track, I was mildly amused and distracted by Bruce Willis having such a grip on the world’s imagination, and Samson came up on one of his rare visits and gave my fingers a good washing… must have liked the salt on my skin. Cat washes are pleasantly raspy and send me to sleep. All of a sudden I realized my headache was gone, apart from a few tendrils winding round my eyeballs.

It wasn’t raining. It was midnight so it’s likely that the pollen count slowed a little and we’d shut most windows by that time. I looked on the internet and read that pollen is at its worst between 3pm and 7pm. Or between mid-morning and early evening. Cat washing was not cited as a cure, though hoovering the bedroom floor is supposed to remove any pollen that might have floated in through your wide-open window (I ran to slam mine shut).

Now I expect I’ll get a ‘lack of oxygen’ headache. Just can’t win!

Credit: The grass brushes in the picture are by Obsidian Dawn.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

5 thoughts on “Summer Agony

  1. (Love your graphic! Very indicative of the heat we’ve had, too!)

    Whenever I’m scrolling through the tv listings and see the same star popping up repeatedly in different movies on a day, I always think, “maybe it’s their birthday and this is a tribute!” I don’t think I’ve been proven right, but the thought amuses me.

    Wish I could send Pearl, the healing cat, to you for a visit, but sounds like Samson has the gift as well.

    Tell your mom that Chick has me watching all manner of things that I would never think to do on my own. Some I have enjoyed. Others, well, uh, not so much, but I’ve broadened my horizons. 🙂


  2. I’ll tell Mum… I’ve felt that people I’ve known in the past (and now too, probably…. still meaning to get hold of that My Neighbour Totoro DVD!) have broadened my horizons. There was a time I couldn’t watch Terminator. Though I still look away from certain bits…

  3. (Tip: If you do get Totoro, I’d suggest that you watch it with the ‘English’ rather than ‘English for the Hearing Impaired’ subtitles – as the latter correspond to the English dub, which is kind of dumbed down.)

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