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Maternal Advice

I’ve had sore eyes for weeks, along with an associated headache. I buy moisturizing drops (the kind I can use every day if I want… some aren’t good for that), and have also bought omega capsules (which I keep forgetting to take). I’ve tried going to bed early, turning off the computer for days on end, and have had midday siestas with a wet cloth over my eyes.

Nothing seems to work.

Mum was at the doc today, and while she was there, she said “my younger daughter is complaining she’s got bloodshot eyes and nothing seems to help.” The doc said, “it’s probably allergy… lots of people have been coming in with sore eyes just now, because of all the pollen flying about. I’ve been giving them moisturizing drops.”

Talk about being treated at a distance… it makes me think of women lying behind a curtain, only allowing the doctor to see one limp hand.

I don’t hear Mum too well, especially when I’ve had a shower (wet ears and no hearing aids), so there are conversational notes scattered all over the house. The other day I found this one:

Mum: I bought the Triffids the day I went to start midwifery training. 54 years ago exactly.
Me: I woke up with a hurrble stomach ache. Hordes of screaming bacteria rushed over the hill, waving their tomahawks and shooting fire arrows, so my body waded in with sandbags and squelched them.
Mum: Have a swig of Domestos!

Mm… thanks but no thanks… my body needs supporting troops, not corrosive poison.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

6 thoughts on “Maternal Advice

  1. Texas is a long way from Scotland, but the same thing is happening here. My sister went to the doctor with red, puffy eyes, and he told her this is the worst year for allergies he’s seen in a long while.

    I wonder if climate change is bringing certain plants to the fore that have been languishing in the background?

    In other news, I take Omega 3s for mild depression (not a cure-all, but it helps) and Vitamin D because I have vitiligo and have to avoid sunlight.

  2. The pollen is flying over here as well. I was quite the snuffler after I got back from my run this morning. Must be all the rain – I’ve never seen the vines in our yard this huge before.

  3. That’s very interesting how the Texas GP says it’s worse this year than ever! I’ve always been prone to sneezing etc, but the sore eyes and headaches are new to me. Either that, or they were so minor previously that I never made the connection.

    I had a horrible headache yesterday (nearly went back to bed) and my eyes were stinging, but they got better towards nightfall… and today I’m feeling fine. It’s raining very hard. Mum points out it started raining yesterday night. I feel relieved now that I think it’s probably just the dratted (stomp stomp stomp) pollen.

  4. Can I join the hayfever club? I always get caught out when I come back to Scotland and am suddenly surrounded by soft furnishings and grass.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have to run off and have a sneezing fit.

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