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Pleasant Procrastination

I should have been inside, working, but found myself standing outside in the sunshine, watching a bee on a flower.

It hadn’t got there by itself. I spotted it in the house, sitting dejectedly on a shady windowsill. I got out a small drinking glass and a holiday postcard, and used these to take the bee outside. I chose a large purple flower on a vigorous plant that had lots of these flowers. Do bees like these? I suppose so… I think so. Go for it!

At first the bee was too busy struggling weakly with the glass and the postcard, gritting between clenched bee-teeth “leave me be!” Then it noticed the purple flower right under its black feet.


It turned round and grabbed the flower’s centre. I stood by for a little in case it fell off, but it clung on despite a strong wind. After a little, it crawled round the flower and onto the next one. Other bees buzzed past, visited neighbouring flowers, then flew away. I wondered if they knew this bee. Did they notice he’d been missing? How long for?

I went inside to turn on the washing machine and make coffee, then returned to see if the bee was still there… at first I couldn’t see anything. Bees buzzed from flower to flower, then flew briskly off. It would be nice to think my bee was one of them, but it seemed unlikely. Where was he?

A nearby flower shuddered and shook, and I thought “oh yes, there he is! I recognize the way he’s pushing that flower about.” The bee crawled into sight on the flower, then buzzed lightly, and plumped slowly onto the next sprig. He’s airborne!

I came back inside and grinned happily at Mum’s cat Grumble. I should get back to work, I suppose… beside my shady windowsill.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

6 thoughts on “Pleasant Procrastination

  1. You write the most wonderful slices of wonderful episodes. I feel when I’m reading your posts that I am getting such a treat, such a breath of sunshine in my day.

    Thank you,

  2. Thanks, Shu. Maybe it’s because we’re both procrastinators… LOL. 😉 We like to get out in the sunshine for a quick breather when we’re supposed to be working.

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