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I Knew It!

Pinched this quiz from BEG… we had the same result! It was quite amusing.

I’ve never had a husband but was able to give a good guess as to how I would feel. I would be whiny and a bit impulsive with the budget. I would probably consult with Mr Diddums before buying anything important, but would be a bit slovenly around the house; terrible with guests (especially unexpected ones); go around the house in stockinged feet; be crabby in the morning and reluctant to get up to make breakfast for the family… and though I would write a lot to my husband when away, it wouldn’t cross my mind to write equally as often to his parents. Unless I was very fond of them.

Had to say I wouldn’t spend ages on the phone…. after all, it’s true! And I could have interesting conversations with people… depends who, when and how. Probably not so much at a formal dinner party; I would be too busy wilting with shyness and mortification.


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Poor (Failure)

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8 thoughts on “I Knew It!

  1. I’m a little better – a 15 – but still a failure.

    Women really had it tough in those days. Being expected to be cheerful in the morning is surely a form of torture.

  2. Oddly enough, I was watching a show on TV saying we haven’t really moved on. Expectations are possibly still the same, even if women are trying to change. Thinking about that…

  3. I’m shocked to find I’m a ’44’– average. Expected to be much more rebellious than that! Argh! Need to re-take and just lie!


  4. I suppose in some ways things haven’t changed much. Women still seem to do the bulk of housework and childcare. I think we are better off in other ways though. For example, I had a great, great aunt who was a painter, but was never recognised in her own right because she came from a time and a class when women weren’t expected to do any kind of paid work, let alone something arty. Her husband painted too, and was moderately well known. He had a profession, she just had a hobby. I’m glad it isn’t like that any more.

  5. That’s a horrible thought. 😦 And wives who co-wrote or edited books and weren’t even mentioned in the credits. Dreadful. I’m not sure it doesn’t still happen.

    I think housework itself should be much better recognized and supported, especially now that many women are working.

    Shu and Pete, I gone completely the other way and wonder anxiously why I got such a bad score! Perhaps it means I would be a failure as a 21st Century wife too.

    Thinking about it, I do have a lot of posts with the words ‘rebel’ and ‘rebellious’ in the title!

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