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The Simple Days have Gone

simple blue-purple flowers set against a purple-blue gradientI used to be able to make a simple picture if I wanted, but those days seem to have gone. For instance, I took a flower brush and used it to make a very simple wallpaper, with small flowers lying against a gradient. “Just something quick I can upload to one of the wallpaper pages.”

I should have known better. First I had to change the colour of the gradient to a grass-coloured gradient, then I put real grass in and got rid of the gradient, then made some butterfly brushes and put some butterflies in, and painted them all up a little with light, shade and texture so they looked more three-dimensional. Then Photoshop Elements crashed and lost the butterflies, so I went to bed.

Next day I made some bigger, better butterflies, and painted in some sunlight. Swithered over whether or not to put dewdrops in, but decided it wasn’t that kind of scene. Finally I made a simple little ladybird and plunked her in the middle.

Having finished, I looked at it again and said “those flowers aren’t right; the perspective is dead-on whereas the other things are slanting slightly and need the flowers to do the same. Never mind, it was only meant to be a simple picture.”

Over supper I changed my mind again and decided to delete the flowers and make some new ones. Those flowers were the REASON for the picture, and now I’m about to edit them out completely! Sigh.

I wonder if there’s a creator up there who has similar problems…. maybe he/she started out by making flowers, then added grass, butterflies, a ladybird or two, sunlight (only after making the other things) and kept on and on tinkering till he/she had an entire universe.

I can’t keep it simple any more, and that’s both interesting and unsettling.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

5 thoughts on “The Simple Days have Gone

  1. But that’s YOU! Interesting and…. everreaching towards the “next”!

    And the picture is BEAUTIFUL! My eyes were devouring it even before I started to red your post.

    🙂 Shu

  2. It sounds wonderfully entertaining.

    “Simple” does not always mean “easy.” In dressage, for example, the best riders make it look effortless.


  3. I like the picture a lot…it has a lot of layers.
    It’s very…well…soothing.
    I like the flowers. Don’t worry – it’s all about the little things. When J edits things he spends lots of diddly time on things most people wouldn’t notice, but it makes it that much more “his” and better when it’s complete. It’s the sign of a good artist when you have to tear someone away from their work 🙂

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