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A Funny Thing Happened

A week ago in Rumbling Discontentedly I mentioned dewdrops on webs. This was it:

The funny thing about ideas is that people tend to get the same ideas over and over… partly because they are drawing from the same wells of inspiration. Like when I took a photo of a cobweb with dewdrops on it, and was going to blog about it, and a little while later found a couple of blogs by other Scots around the same time, talking about these cobwebs with dew on that they’d taken photos of. There is no way that they copied me, as I never blogged about it… and I didn’t see theirs till after I thought of it. Actually, I doubt if they ever came near my blog.

Yesterday I was working through the images in my watch list, and this one popped up: Water Drops on a Spider Web. Actually there are three – you might prefer the green or the blue, but I went for the glowing, variegated one I mentioned first. It’s as though there’s a bed of nasturtiums in the background.

A thought: are there nasturtium beds? Nasturtium tangles, maybe.



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3 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened

  1. Water Drops on a Spider Web is marvelous! The colors are grand, as is the glimmer of the web. It would make grand desktop wallpaper. At the moment, however, since I’m still healing from being bitten by a spider, I wouldn’t want to see it every time I looked a my desk top!

  2. Ouch — I can sympathize with that. I saw a little dark spider scuttling across the floor yesterday, which made me think about the spider bite. This is the UK, but I make a point of not touching spiders anyway. Just to be on the safe side, and if I see them before they see me, of course! But probably they say the same thing, and it’s only when we don’t see each other in time that the clashes occur. Yikes.

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