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Not Really a Rant

Exasperating… first of all I was avoiding the computer with a headache and sore eyes, and just as those were clearing up, I got stomach pains. Still fragile, but better on the whole. I have another wee arty contest to enter so I better get cracking on that.

Meanwhile, I was looking through my ScribeFire notes and found the following from a couple of weeks back which I didn’t post.

I was trying to get a bunny looking like a bunny, and Mum kept saying “it looks like a mouse!” It haunted me, so after hours of unsuccessful tinkering, I went to see if there were any hints online. I found instructions on how to get the general physique of a bunny right, and how we shouldn’t draw them like cartoon bunnies. Fair enough… but the animal in the photo looked suspiciously like a hare. The artist’s rough sketches, based on this animal, had the hare’s physique.

Meanwhile, my bunny still looks like a mouse.

PS: Another WordPressy bone of contention… whenever I add a new category, such as ‘Art’, I always capitalize it… and just at it writes itself up, it changes to lower case. I want all my categories to match each other in style, so I’m not going to leave it like that, but I can’t edit it where it is… have to search around the dashboard for the right place to edit it from, which is not sensible. Using these ‘overwriting what you put’ scripts is not the best idea either.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Not Really a Rant

  1. I read in a biography of Charles Schultz that it wasn’t until after he introduced a cat to the cast of his Peanuts comic strip that he realized that he could not draw a cat. From that point on, the cat was always outside the pane.

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