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Rebelling with My Feet

Ooh, four-year-old article… Are Open-toed Shoes Appropriate Business Attire? But I have to say I don’t understand the anti-open-toed stuff either. I only read comments on it fairly recently, in magazines and blog posts. I never even look at people’s feet, so if people are going about with long toe nails and rough heels or glittery nail polish, I don’t see them. Seems simple to me… other people’s feet are none of my business.

I mentioned it to Mum, and she was confused too… she said “what are you talking about? I haven’t heard anyone complaining about open-toed shoes.” She held up a beautiful, well-cared for foot with straight toes, and said: “look at this foot. It’s a 75-year-old foot. Other women my age have toes crossing each other because they were determined to wear fashion shoes.”

Yes. I go for health and comfort above fashion and individual / corporate prejudices. Anyone else?



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

8 thoughts on “Rebelling with My Feet

  1. I can understand close-toed shoes in a place where they might be needed such as working with food. I do not understand why they would need to be close-toed in a a bank, for example. If you work in a place where 3 inch heels are acceptable, I don’t know what difference it is if you show a little toe nail polish.

  2. Mystifying to me too, but this mostly comes out of my personal problem with shoes. I am a strictly-comfort shoe person myself. My mother has horribly misshapen toes from decades of cramming her foot in high heels.

  3. Oh comfort over fashion anytime. I do hate wearing closed shoes in summer particularly. Is it something left over from the Victoria era that you mustn’t show a bit of flesh? I kick my shoes off immediately I get home. No matter how comfortable the shoe might be when I try it on in the shop, once I’ve worn it for several hours, the foot begins to protest. At home I wear bare feet in summer and in winter comfortable slippers.

  4. What’s Bloglines doing, Pete? If it’s not notifying you of somebody’s blog, try sending them an email and they will reset the feeds or something… mystifying in its own way. 🙂 I’ve noticed they go off whole swathes of bloggers from time to time, like all of Blogigo.

    Also I’ve seen grumbles about blokes’ big hairy feet when they wear flip flops, so don’t assume guys are slipping under the radar.

    I looked around in town yesterday to see what shoes people were wearing… maybe 90% were closed shoes of one type or another, including trainers. It was a scorching hot day, so I couldn’t help thinking how hot and sweaty their feet must be. The rest wore open sandals or flip flops: both men and women. But when you go into a shop and look around, including sports shops, there are a lot of open sandals on the racks. I liked the pink ones. 🙂 Resisted the temptation, the sporty ones are just a little too expensive for me.

    Drifting, I’m the same – barefoot as a bunny at home. Slippers in the winter, or bedsocks with rubberized soles.

  5. I understand to open toes in a lab, or where you need safety, but I don’t see why they’re not OK. I’d love to wear sandals to work some days…I just can’t…and I work in a casual lab environment. It’s jsut a safety thing.
    I notice here at work once open toed shoes were allowed in the office everyon started wearing flip flops until the boss called themn on getting too casual. Maybe that’s it?
    I know if I could live in my Birkenstocks I would…

  6. Ah, barefoot is the nicest (except when you have to be around the bare feet of others!) COMFORT in shoes is the most yearned for and frequently hardest to find.


  7. That’s a thought too; for safety reasons closed shoes are better; I would be unhappy manhandling heavy furniture around (or mowing the grass) with my tootsies peeping out!

    The cats can be a liability, come to think of it; they’ve thundered over my bare feet with their pounding claws before now. Dog claws can be even more painful, so sandals on a dog walk aren’t a great idea either!

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