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Talking Cat

Delilah makes me chuckle… she was going after a fly, and I caught her eye and said, beseechingly, “please don’t do it!” She looked guiltily back at the fly with a “waaahh!” as though to say “but I can’t help it, you know I can’t.”

Today, she was leaning close to my ear and I thought I heard a squeaky noise, so I turned and looked at her and said “did you say something?” and she immediately said “yah!” in that identical squeaky tone, so I knew it hadn’t been something going on in the house which should be investigated… set my mind at rest.

I don’t let cats go up on kitchen worktops (or try not to) so when I caught Delilah on ours, I said “get down!” and Delilah promptly jumped off. Mum laughed and said “did you hear that?”
“Hear what?”
“She said ‘oops’… or made a noise very like it.”



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Talking Cat

  1. And isn’t it funny that all the kitties have their own voices? I recognize each one of my, from the chattiest (Early Bird) to the “mute” (Pearl).

  2. Yes, we had one that really seemed to talk at people, and she had a high, sweet voice. When my Siamese cat went missing for a while, I really missed the way he would come barging into the house wailing loudly. House seemed so quiet without him.

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