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Ask for Pink

I’m still working on the tutorial – it’s taking me days. I wonder if some of the others were able to do it in one night? Maybe the more practised ones can.

In my last post I said I wanted a nice pink gradient the next day (meaning a more cheerful mood instead of the blue one). When I got up next morning, the next bit of my picture to be worked on was a soft pink. That’s what I’ve been working with all day. Request answered – thank you, cosmos.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Ask for Pink

  1. Aw, Diddums! I hate that I’ve been sick while you were wishing for a pink gradient! I would have asked Chick to lend you my pink hair! 🙂 I’m so glad that you got to work on one. I’m impressed that you can do all that. Chick got a most interesting book from the library working with Photoshop elements (hence my pink hair), and she gets hugely absorbed with trying things out (I also have an eye twinkle and smoothed skin and…)

    So interesting the dreams you’ve been having. I’ve been having some eclectic ones while sleeping on the floor watching Snowy that have gone from the brats at work to suddenly being SLIM skinny to the critters. What does the brain get up to when we’re not guarding it?

    Our kitties like to go for the lizards around here – usually way too slow to succeed, but occasionally Chick has to intervene with a rescue. Good on you for sacrificing your beautiful slippers to save the mouse.

    Sorry I’ve been away so long!


  2. Hope the tutorials are helpful…I find them rather furstrating…but if the cosmos is giving you pinkness on request that *has* to be a good sign!

  3. The most frustrating tutorials are the ones that don’t say “you need the top Photoshop for this…” you get most of the way to the bottom, and at the last gasp, it tells you to use a tool that your application doesn’t have. That said, there’s usually a way round it, especially if the tutor gives some idea what effect is needed (or you guess… sometimes the tutorials are a bit brief).

    All the cosmos in a graphics application – LOL.

    I didn’t realize you were ill, Shu, I’m sorry I’ve been keeping a low profile the past few days. Hope to catch up soon, especially now that the tutorial pics have been completed.

    I have to say I spent more time on them than I should, but they were fun and inspirational! I think Chick and I would get on. I’ll have to dig out some old family photos and Photoshop them too. Mum will find me giving her green hair and smoothing her face of all its cares. 🙂

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