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Anxious in the Local Shoppie

My local Spar has a short stretch of Poland in the corner. None of the goods on that rack are labelled in English, though I was able to figure out from a Spar tab that one of the items was a bottle of banana and carrot juice. Somehow they didn’t tell me about the apple.

I wanted it, and an uneasy feeling stirred in me – would I be allowed to buy it, seeing as I wasn’t Polish??

Mentally I slapped my wrist – well, of course! I worry about the silliest things. If you dig deep enough in my mind, you will probably discover a squeaky voice insisting that though they would be prepared to sell me the banan marchew jabłko sok, it would only be in exchange for foreign currency. I would stand panicking beside the till, saying “but all my money is British,” and everyone would look at me as though I had crawled out of a sock.

I deal with a constant mass of squirming worries because of the need to consider before I get to the counter what the potential problems are. Experience has taught me that it’s worth calculating the various scenarios which could have arisen (sometimes in the last few minutes) which I might not have known about due to being deaf. It can be of surprising benefit to allow my imagination to run riot.

If I arrive at the counter unprepared, I’m quite likely to be stuck in a bog of befuddlement with people waving their hands and speaking gibberish (yes, I know it’s my own language), holding up the queue while I receive the ‘crawled out of a sock’ stares I mentioned earlier. Another reason why I avoid all queues (or at least long queues) if at all possible.

Forgive the wild-eyed rambling.

If I like the juice, I might try a packet of Polish biscuits next time – if they’ll let me.



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3 thoughts on “Anxious in the Local Shoppie

  1. I tend to assume even if I can read the label, there’s something hidden or something not as good quality as one might expect… Mum bought a paper yesterday with that topic on the front page. Rip-Off Britain strikes again…

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