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Read in the Paper

Saw this in the paper yesterday: blind woman refused access to her pension.

It makes me want to stop the world and get off.



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7 thoughts on “Read in the Paper

  1. In America you can get an identity card with your name, address, and photograph on it. It’s just like a driver’s license, except (of course) you can’t drive with it.

    Doesn’t the UK have something similar she could have used to identify herself with?

  2. No, we keep talking about having identity cards, but the various authorities have not proved themselves very good at keeping our data secure. So we’re wary.

  3. To clarify ThomasLB’s point, these ID cards are state-issued, not federally issued. That is to say, these are not national id cards (they keep trying over here, but doesn’t seem to be in place…yet 😛 ) But don’t you guys have drivers licences? No local forms of ID? What do you present when (well, back in the day 😛 ) you write a cheque? We always needed to provide two forms of ID — a driver’s license and a credit card were fine.

    (I see in the article part of the issue was that she was unable to replace a lost “pensioner’s card.” Ouch. Sounds like a fumbled management job up the ladder there.)

  4. Probably the pensioner didn’t have a driving licence, and passports get too old (mine is). Generally it seems to be a case of inflexibility – the employees are told “we accept X and Y as proofs of identity” and there’s no permission issued to accept anything else… that’s my suspicion anyway.

  5. The rigidity of bureaucracy is maddening. It breaks my heart to think of this lady having the struggles she’s had. It is sad that it takes the media to embarrass them into finally trying to help her out. God bless her!

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