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Changing Lanes

Tonight I watched Changing Lanes starring Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson (if I remembered their names correctly! Did I? A miracle, then; I never seem to remember names now). I would say it was a Tom and Jerry film for grown-ups, and it was screwing me up just watching it… but by the end I was able to say, “good stuff – I like it!” Probably more than I liked Tom and Jerry (which was ‘not much’).

I decided the lawyer was Tom, while Doyle was Jerry.

Every time Ben Affleck (the ‘lawyer’) got that panicky, cornered look on his face and said “yes, this is what I need for my life to continue to run smoothly!” your stomach lurched… good acting, really.

My ‘maternal kitten’ Delilah was watching children on the TV again… this time she latched onto the sons of Doyle (Samuel L Jackson’s character). She heard them screaming and crying, and was all motherly concern. Just in case they would like to know. 😉



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Changing Lanes

  1. That film made me so uncomfortable. I’ve known too many like “the lawyer” who expected the rest of the universe to revolve around him, and felt often enough like Morgan. I watched it all the way through but the end and resolution couldn’t come soon enough! Charlie (dog) is more likely to get caught up in the TV more than BG (Chick’s kitty), but think you are on to something. Even BG gets consternated when there are kids crying and squawking on screen!

  2. Ha. That movie was on TV here just last week. It looked interesting but I didn’t get to watch it – other plans were made for me.

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