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Thoughts on Instant Mocha, Fruit Juices and Drinking Healthily

I like Morrison’s instant mocha – I figured I would be one of the very few who did, but when Mum was shopping with a friend, she told her I liked that drink, and the friend bought some to try. My toes curled in embarrassment as I was convinced she would hate it, but one day there was no mocha left in the house… just a box of Morrison’s instant latte, which I’m less keen on, though it’s OK.

Mum said she looked and they were out of it in the supermarket, but she got a box of latte instead. Then she said her friend was with her again and wanted more mocha, so she let her have the last box.

Ah… well I’m glad she likes it. Move over, Rolo.

I do like the so-called healthy drinks as well… there are a couple of juice bars in town and I sometimes opt for those instead of coffee (she blogged smugly, only having had two juices so far… one from each bar).

The first was a mixed fruit juice which included ginger. It was called High Flyer… very tasty indeed, but there wasn’t much I dared order from that shop. They almost all seemed to have names like ‘Hangover Remedy’ or ‘Stress Reliever’, which are hard to ask for at the counter. ‘High Flyer’ was possibly a veiled warning…

The other bar had much better names, and I chose a smoothie called Bali Hai. That was lovely too, and very cool as there was crushed ice in it. Although I asked for small drinks in both shops, they were too big for me and are very hard on the stomach. Coffee seems to slip down more easily.

I start to understand why fruit juices are sometimes described as ‘hits’. I have a juice-making book which is very fond of the word, but that doesn’t seem to me particularly desirable… don’t they say “all good things in moderation”?

I have the suspicion that other people drink more than me. Folk are always stopping for coffee, more coffee, and then tea; then there’s the crowd who have round after round of drinks at the pub. I don’t know how people get through even two drinks at one sitting… I’ve generally had enough before the end of the first. This fascination for beverages of all kinds has me completely mystified.

Mum said she used to worry I wasn’t drinking enough, and that was as recently as me coming to stay with her… then she noticed how rapidly I was knocking back the juices and the Coca-colas! That’s usually after a dog-walk, especially in hot weather – I get very thirsty then. I also make coffee almost every time I pass the kettle… it’s the routine I love; I leave so much of it to go cold.

The sheer size of mugs offered by some cafés is ridiculous – there have been ‘medium’ ones which were so big and heavy I needed both hands to lift them. It’s not just McD’s who go in for this ‘supersize’ business.

I spotted a short piece in a newspaper recently… it said they don’t know where the idea came from that people need eight glasses of water a day to remain healthy; there is nothing to indicate that’s true. Some people seem perfectly healthy and happy drinking nothing but tea.



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9 thoughts on “Thoughts on Instant Mocha, Fruit Juices and Drinking Healthily

  1. I’m not a coffee drinker so I, too, have puzzled over the downing by some of cup after cup. I gave up sodas several months ago, telling myself to feel revulsion at the chemical formula of such so I wouldn’t want to give in on this resolve (working so far) … but I am hopelessly addicted to sweet iced tea, my mother’s recipe, if you please, and I am SO GLAD my daughter confessed to memorizing the recipe as she weaned my mother away from trying to cook (especially when the tea bags would catch fire).. it means if I’ve been “good”, she’ll make me a big pitcher which she says has to last me several days. It’s so good, I could down it all in one of those giant portions you mentioned. I like the ritual of finding something to be good about so she’ll make it for me 🙂

  2. I do love coffee, but honestly it’s the warm creamy taste of it that makes me happy…not the caffeine. I’d be happy with tea and the like. I like to sip drinks slowly and find that often I too enjoy the brewing of tea and coffee as much as drinking it. J used to bug me about leaving half emtpy mugs about, but he’s used to it now…
    I struggle with the whole drink 8 glasses a day business…I don’t care for water and try and make up with it in fruit juice or pots of tea. J could drink 2 litres of water a day, although I’m afraid I’ve gotten him hooked on vanilla coffee flavoured chocolate milk.
    If I could figure out how to make homemade iced tea I think I’d be in heaven…as it is in the summers I tend to live on homemade lemonade and mint tea.
    Hmmm…I need a cup of coffee now…:)

  3. Starbucks could never make a cup too big for me. Fortunately for my health, I can’t afford but so many cups of $4 coffee, so I just drink water. Not that I actually GO to Starbucks. That would be too scary. I’d just stay at home.

  4. I like coffee well enough, but one cup a day is all I ever want. Otherwise, I drink milk, fruit juices or water. I always loathed sodas even as a child… I don’t drink all that much either, my mom used to bug me over that ridiculous 8 8oz glasses of water a day thing, till I found some article that said if you drink when you’re thirsty (which is what I do) most of the time you’re just fine… 😛

  5. I don’t drink fizzy drinks very often. It’s not a health thing, I just don’t like them. I wonder if it is because they weren’t really that common when I was a child – at least not in my small corner of the world anyway – so I never really got a taste for them.

    I do drink coffee, and tea. Not a fan of straight water though. I’ll drink it if I’m really thirsty but I couldn’t sit and sip a glass the way some people do.

    By the way, did you know those huge servings of coffee often contain more calories than a burger and chips. Glad I stick to the filter stuff in the less trendy cafes LOL

  6. Your daughter is quite crafty, Shu, dangling the iced tea in front of you as a bribe. :-). Reminds me, I must get Gran’s chicken recipe from my sister.

    Geo, homemade lemonade is lovely – I made it once and it was much better than I was expecting… I keep meaning to make more but I’m usually too lazy. Well, not so much ‘lazy’ – it takes me so long to do things that it saves time not starting in the first place.

    Snark, I have trouble with Starbucks myself – it’s quite crowded and I find it easier to order from the relative safety of a table than to queue up at a counter. Queues and asking for things at counters in general… not good.

    That’s what the newspaper article said as well, BEG, but I forgot to add it… that provided you drink when you’re thirsty, you’ll probably be alright, and it doesn’t have to be plain water.

    Kateblogs, we grew up drinking Coca-Cola in a hot country so I guess we worked up quite a thirst – Coca-Cola is a very sharp, cool drink and nothing else seems to hit the spot quite as well. At one stage a few years ago I tried to switch to a cheaper drink, and was getting along pretty well with Safeway’s Dandelion and Burdock… then Morrison’s bought Safeway’s stores and switched to their own version of D&B, and it was ABYSMAL. They lost out on that one… or even if they didn’t, I did.

    Still muttering after all these years – I was thrown back into the jolly red arms of Coca-Cola. I’m also a fan of Sunrich’s carrot juice, which is expensive as well, but I’m not sure it’s all that much more expensive than making my own. :-). I remember I was talking about that before.

    I know exactly what you’re saying about not being able to sip water, but will gulp it down if thirsty… that’s the experience I have with it.

    Oh well – some more Mocha was delivered to Morrison’s so the instant coffee panic is over. 🙂 Mum’s friend interfered again… Mum picked up three boxes, knowing how fast I go through them, and her friend said “THREE?!”
    “Maybe you’re right,” said Mum, and put one back. Sigh.

    Oh, and I was reading a grammar book today that said (well I knew this) that there are certain words which are too childish to use in written English, and they include ‘Mum, Granny, dolly’ etc. Probably ‘teddy’ as well, but they didn’t think of it in time to include it. Hum.

  7. I cam see why those words might be considered childish, especially in formal writing, but in a blog post (or a letter) they seem perfectly acceptable. In fact, they sound better. It would be overly formal to use mother and grandmother to refer to your close family. And anyway, Margaret Thatcher rather spoilt grandmother for me when she said ‘we are a grandmother’. Every time I see that clip I have an urge to shout ‘no Margaret you are a grandmother, Denis is not’ LOL

    Anyway, talking of Mums – before my oldest son was born, I had to go into hospital because I came down with a kidney infection. I was sitting in bed feeling quite sorry for myself, when a nurse strolled up with a big jug of water and a glass and informed me that I had to drink the lot. Eeek! I did try and was valiantly sipping my way through what seemed like a gallon of the stuff when my Mum arrived with a bottle of Robinson’s Barley Water. Never have I been so pleased to either her or a bottle of lemon squash.

  8. That made me laugh – ‘we are a grandmother’? I wonder how the grandkid feels about that.

    Mothers/mums sometimes have perfect instincts about how best to help us! I can imagine feeling that way in the same situation. Ribena, anything. 🙂

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