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Confirming I’m Me

Life is Like Wading Through Treacle

My cr£dit card company have begun the annoying practice of putting the following sticker on my replacement card: “please call this number to confirm that you have received this.”

I’m deaf – I can’t call that number.

I asked my sister if she was getting that sticker on her cards as well, and she said she was in such a mood about hers that she marched into her bank branch and asked a member of staff there to do the ringing up. I thought that was a good idea, which was why I was waiting in a bank queue yesterday. I asked if I really had to ring that number, or if I could safely ignore it, but she said “do you want me to ring for you?” and I said “yes please.”

It took a bit longer than we expected… she managed to get through when she rang the number, but the people at the other end wouldn’t believe her, and refused the request to confirm my card. Fortunately she had an ace up her sleeve in the form of a private number, so she rang that, and this time it was accepted. Presumably they knew who she was on that phone.

The bank clerk agreed it was all terribly difficult, and when we were talking about it later, Mum said, “it’s so unnecessary.” I said if they didn’t believe she was who she said she was, how would they have believed me? Presumably they’re not allowed to ask me my pin. How would they know who I was?

All these questions. What I really wanted, I suppose, was some indication that calling was optional. (Ha). Or a little slip to fill in and send off. I thought they used to do that. What happened to that plan?

The thought of having to go through this every time a replacement card arrives makes me tired. I wonder if switching to another cr£dit card would be a smart move… or do they all pull that trick?



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5 thoughts on “Confirming I’m Me

  1. Every time I’ve had to renew I’ve had to call…and only from my home phone too. They’re quite picky.
    Especially when they cancel your card while you’re *on* holidays *away* from home.
    Fun on a bun that was…
    I’m glad they sorted it out for you. I think the bank should look after it for you personally…

  2. Yeah, they all do it. I had never thought about what would happen if I were deaf, being in my self-centered universe. My plot would be to get someone else to call and claim to be me. My ethics vary with the situation — but then I couldn’t express my outrage at this policy that makes deaf people jump through unnecessary hoops just to validate a credit card.

  3. They all seem to do that, at least over here. I ignored the notice on my last replacement, used it online for something, and have had no trouble using it anywhere else since… Don’t know if that would work for you, though.

  4. Now that you mention it, I did get a card with that sticker before. I tried it out in a small shop where they knew me quite well, and it worked OK. That’s why I was looking for a note to reassure me that phoning up was optional and there wouldn’t be some sort of pitfall further along in time…

    Maybe I don’t have to call that number, at least for now. I’m not sure what the snags are, if any.

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