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Samson’s Adventures

Samson was hanging about yesterday, wondering why I wasn’t giving him any meat for his lunch. I stopped doing that when I realized Delilah had the squits. We thought it might be better if we gave them more dry food during the day, followed by meat for supper and a treat at bedtime.

Samson doesn’t like the new plan.

Normally he hangs around when he’s hungry, occasionally tugging at my skirt or patting my leg, blinking up charmingly. I told him he had cat kibble in his bowl, then ignored him.

All of a sudden there was a pain in my leg as something leapt up without ceremony, digging claws through the thin material of my slacks. He was off balance and started to teeter backwards, digging in his claws. I couldn’t get my hands free to support him, as they were trapped under him and I didn’t want to throw him off balance even more.

Finally he toppled off, and ran away because I was howling.


Looking at the puncture marks in my leg, it could have been worse. There are no raking scratches, and I think he did his best not to hurt me too much – another cat would have made much more of a mess.

Today I have a jersey draped across my lap, just in case. Usually I had a rug there for the same purpose, but was forgetting.

It was his turn to be hurt early this afternoon. He was playing with Delilah, and the next time I looked at him, one eye was closed. I went up to talk to him and he still didn’t open it, but I saw a slight line of red on his eyebrow, quite close to his eye – definitely a scratch.

After lunch I went to talk to him again, and he cracked his eye open slightly – a short while later he was walking around with both eyes open; seems to be alright. I gave him meat for lunch just to cheer him up and take his mind off it.

It was a nice bright sunny day but it’s clouding over now. I’m glad we walked Thundercloud early while the sun was out.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “Samson’s Adventures

  1. I have William’s (late cat) baby teeth in a film canister. He managed to leave almost all of them in my arm! The doctor said this was incredibly rare.

    Oh, and I actually had a doctor ask me if I was a “cutter” because I had so many scratches and bites on my arms and hands from William’s and James’ kittenhoods. I told her that, no, I had cats. Maybe kitten-rearing is an indication of being a danger to yourself . . .

  2. I had to grin at that – my hands were well covered in scratches for a while; fortunately they don’t seem to be quite so bad lately. I think they’re getting more careful. Except for the odd moment!

  3. My tiniest kitty, Minnie, gets that staring, focused look in her eyes as she stares up in preparation for leaping in a few bounds to the top of my shoulders and head. She then uses her stickers to dig in and apply pressure to the direction she wants to steer me to go, like she is driving a giant robot in a Sci Fi film. It’s be funny if it wasn’t OW OW OW! She can’t be thrown off easier, so think she feels she is in a Western riding a bronco. You have to feel sorry for kitties, trying to make us dumb humans understand what we need to do!

  4. She sounds like Cheeky – she’s always been one for making flying leaps onto people’s shoulders. My kittens don’t seem to do that, oddly – maybe they were too shy when they came, and though they’re more confident now, it doesn’t really occur to them to approach people with that much confidence. They like to sit on laps and be petted, though. 🙂

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