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The Cheeky Cats

Mum said “they’re getting quite cheeky.”
I said “what do you mean they’re getting quite cheeky? They’ve been cheeky for some time!”

I’d been telling her about how her Cheeky stole my printer (slept on it when it was normally Delilah’s spot), and so Delilah sat at my feet pretending to be a small footstool.

Meanwhile Samson was playing with the bathroom taps again, sometimes putting his head under the flow of water and shaking it about.

When I came downstairs, Delilah raced down just in front of my feet and happily stropped her claws on the cat tree post – I was pleased about that! It’s a welcome change from carpets and seat cushions.

Last night the two kittens began an energetic game of Hunt the Lumps Under the Downie while I was attempting to sleep, and finally, as I continued to ignore them, Delilah raced up the bed and bounced gleefully on my stomach. They also stole the beautiful beaded handbag of one of my artist bears (the white feather ended up rather bedraggled), then nabbed the Bungee Jumping Kiwi fridge magnet and tortured it till I snatched it back again.

“It’s mostly Delilah,” said Mum. “I’ve never seen kittens that bad.” (We’ve had a multitude!)
“I think it’s because we’ve got two of them together,” I said. “For a while I kept saying things to them like ‘where’s your brother/sister?’ and then it occurred to me they probably don’t see each other as brother and sister. There’s no reason why they should, as they aren’t. I wonder how they see each other? Playmates? Boyfriend and girlfriend?”
“Probably,” said Mum – “haven’t you seen them holding each other’s paws?”

Not yet – they’re too busy bouncing on me.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “The Cheeky Cats

  1. Sounds like some swashbuckling pirate kitties! I love that age, those few years when they rip around and see all the things that are there that we can’t see. Too soon they become paperweights, eh?

  2. They’re fun at this age and you can’t help laughing at them, but it’s a relief when you know you can have houseplants and your best bears out, and they won’t be chewed.

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