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The House of Diddums McDiddums

My dream last night was one of the few that touched on my hearing problems. It was also one of my university dreams, which I do seem to get periodically!

I dreamed that I went back to university, and went straight to the halls of residence. I didn’t know any of the other girls except for one – my best friend Honey.

I was apparently the first to arrive, and the lady showing me where to go asked me something I didn’t quite catch… but it seemed to be about my name. “Diddums McDiddums,” I said. The lady wrote it down in a hard-backed black journal with a black ballpoint pen.

The other women arrived one by one -– I didn’t see Honey arrive as she went straight to her room. I was walking around the kitchen, looking to see where everything was. I wondered how to work the dishwasher, and started looking for instructions. There was a pile of instructions in one of the drawers – they were in a folder with black words printed on it: “DIDDUMS McDIDDUMS – Instructions”.

I was a bit thrown by this. Now that I came to think of it, my name was everywhere, on all the folders, drawers, cereal boxes and ring binders. I couldn’t imagine why. Wasn’t everything in the kitchen for all the girls, not just for me?

Suddenly I realized what had happened… when the staff member asked for a name, it wasn’t my name she wanted – she was asking me to give a name to the student house so that it could be identified. In my confusion, I had asked her to name the entire house after me.

Horrors! The other girls wouldn’t understand in the least, and would probably consider me arrogant.

I thought it couldn’t possibly get worse, but more was in store… the instructions for the dishwasher weren’t in the folder of instructions. I kept looking through the drawers, and finally spotted it in a second folder, but one of the girls spoke to me and I shut the drawer and turned away. Afterwards, I went back to get it, and there was no folder in the drawer! I went through all the drawers again, thinking I must have looked in the wrong one, but there was still no second folder – just the first one.

I decided to give up… it was time to go to my room to unpack.

I headed up the main flight of stairs, passing all the rooms, knowing my room was on the very top floor. I ended up on the floor below it… that was where the stairs came to an end. My room was still up there – I could see my door, and the door of the room opposite, but the stairs didn’t reach that far. I looked round helplessly. I was standing outside two bedrooms – one belonged to a girl I didn’t know, and the other belonged to my friend Honey.

I could see Honey, talking to the other girl – she pretended she didn’t know I was there. I considered going over to speak to her anyway, but decided I didn’t want to force her into doing something she didn’t want to do. I was so distraught I wanted to sit on the landing and bawl. I wanted someone to show me some friendliness and understanding.

Suddenly I remembered I could get to my bedroom, but only by a narrow stair round the back. For some reason it was very difficult for me to return down the main stairs – I couldn’t walk on any of the steps, but had to inch my way down the railings. I was afraid of falling, but one of my penpals appeared from nowhere and helped me. He was laughing slightly – “Diddums, you do get in the most awful pickle!” – but he looked concerned as well.

There was an odd thing about this dream – I’ve had it before! It didn’t have the same events, but I’m sure I dreamed about this same university residence hall, with the main stairs going up the middle and stopping on the floor below mine. I always forgot that I couldn’t reach my private room the same way everybody else could… and always had to go back down to the ground floor and round to the smaller stairs at the back.

I’m sure I dreamed that before. And Honey is always turning a cold shoulder on me. Depressing.



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