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Fun at Mr PicassoHead

Fun for a rainy afternoon, or if you have a bored child looking for something new to try. Create a masterpiece of your own at Mr PicassoHead.

Hortense by Diddums.

Useful hints:

(1) Take a screenshot of your picture.

Mac users need to press three keys at the same time: Shift-Command-3. A PNG called ‘Picture 1’ will appear on the desktop.

PC users need to hit the Prt Scr key (in the top row of the keyboard). The screenshot is copied to the clipboard but isn’t saved. To save it, open your favourite graphics application (such as Paintshop Pro) and copy as a new image, then save.

(2) Use a throwaway email address on the site.

Guerrilla Mail will provide one that lasts only 15 minutes; any messages arriving there will show up in your browser. To save the picture in the Mr PicassoHead gallery, you need to provide an email address. The privacy policy of the site looks good, but I just feel happier not using any of my regular ones. The link that showed up in Guerrilla Mail wasn’t complete, but it turns out you don’t need one anyway – you can do a search for your picture in the gallery by its title or signature. Mine is Hortense by Diddums.

If you save any masterpieces to the gallery, I’d like to see them. 🙂



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Fun at Mr PicassoHead

  1. I love that Command-shift-3 thing. I was at a skating competition a few weekends ago which was sponsored by a photography company, so they took pictures and sold them. I went on the website after and was able to get low resolution pictures even though it was all in flash and you can’t right click. (er…ctrl click)

  2. The ctrl-click restriction doesn’t work, does it! It’s possible to look in the browser cache, and the pictures would be in there. Unless that has been changed lately.

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