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Not Quite a Moonlight Flit

Still moving my posts over from Blogigo – I was a more prolific blogger than I knew.

August 2006 was a bad month – I deleted most of it. It’s no accident that I was recovering from an agoraphobic spell and the town was still full of hot sun and holiday-makers. It melted my blogging and all I was able to do was skulk at home and mutter. Thankfully, September 2006 was a cooler month in more ways than one.

It’s strange to be able to look back in this way. Even stranger, I thought I’d be deleting all the memes – not because I didn’t enjoy them, but because they have served their purpose by now. Yet I found a book-related one I thought was interesting; I went ahead and reposted it. So far there don’t seem to be many memes, which is not what I remember, but maybe I posted so much other stuff that they got swamped.

I’ve been copying some of the old comments across, though I can’t copy as actual comments. At first I was linking them back to your blogs but have begun to wonder if that’s a bad idea… is there some hoary commandment along the lines of ‘thou shalt not overload the net with links to thy favourite blogth’? It slows things even more, so I’ve abandoned the linking for the time being.

In November 2006, my short post featuring Boromir from the Lord of the Rings had 12 long comments, so I only reposted Iain’s… he found a link to a LOTR-related thread which was very good reading. The thread is still there – it would have been a shame if it had gone.

About the term moonlight flit in the title… I remember quite happily writing it in my email to somebody, and was quietly corrected to moonlit flit. Well, I thought that made sense and was probably right, but ever since then I’ve had this horrible twisting feeling that it wasn’t, and I didn’t like it as much as ‘moonlight flit’. So now I’ve gone back to my preference.

This must be the longest moonlight flit ever.



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