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Don’t Lose Yourself in the Blog Crowd

Yesterday I was badly sidetracked and didn’t accomplish much. I meant to move a lot more of my posts across from the old blog, perhaps a couple of months’ worth, but instead I was trapped in a web of highly practised bloggers.

You know the kind of thing… you go to look at a single blog page which might be called something like 73 Bloopers to Avoid as a Mature Blogger. At the foot of that well-written article it says, “see also the following links: How to Maintain your Blogging Credibility; Do Not Be a Blogging Fool; The Ins and Outs of Accomplished Posting; Keep Your Blog when All about You are Losing Theirs.”

(I made all these titles up – I hope they’re not genuine!)

They all look so promising that you open each one in a separate tab and fetch another mug of coffee.

None of those pages will let you go… each one presents another multitude of fascinating links. Most of the articles are entertaining, with many other bloggers having their say in the comments. You feel the need to visit some of their blogs as well. Three hours and 73 mugs of coffee later, you’re still there.

Eventually you notice how the main blog writers keep referring back to each other, repeating more or less the same things while the clock ticks away, and you start to feel you are being taken for a ride.

I lost too much time doing that and I’m not sure any of the advice stuck, except perhaps for the blog editor advice. Either I agreed with what people said, or I couldn’t do what they said because of limitations, or I disagreed and had no intention of changing. It didn’t really seem to matter.

Visiting individual blogs is fine, especially personal blogs. Having had my fingers burned, my tip is, stay away from those articles about how to be a better blogger – or just read the first one and refuse to follow any of the links. Otherwise you’ll still be there in the wee sma’ hours, with nothing accomplished and little learned…



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3 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Yourself in the Blog Crowd

  1. Blogging advice always amuses me. If someone is starting out, I might give them a few pointers about linking and commenting. However, everything else depends on what you want to do with the thing. Whenever I’ve read stuff about how to become more popular, I always think, “Sounds like too much work and not much fun.”

    I’m happy with my modest stats, me.

  2. I’m the same way…I figure I started this blog of mine to blather and if anyone happens to read it – bonus! Other than learning a bit about formatting and writing legible, I can’t see why, unless you’re a writer or setting up a bit of a “sell what you do” website, all that advice would make it less fun 🙂

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