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Muesli Musings

I’ve just realized something… the reason muesli is ‘healthy’ is that you push it away after one spoonful. Especially when it’s got lots of dried fruit in it. And it’s not as if I intend to get something else to eat – my stomach was so shocked it stopped rumbling.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

2 thoughts on “Muesli Musings

  1. I like muesli…without the raisins though. And there is good muesli and bad muesli…and for some reason the Alpen cereal I liked in the UK is crummy over here. I think it’s all about the mood you’re in when you try and eat it.
    But I grew up in a family where you had Sunny Boy hot cereal, cream of whest and shredded wheat all the time for breakfast so muesli was a “treat”.

  2. I like Alpen too – I should probably go back to that. The stuff I tried this morning was definitely crummy – the dried fruit was like half-melted plastic (and about as hard to chew).

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