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Light Structural Damage

It was fine this morning and last night, but this afternoon is very blustery. It seems to be a ‘strong breeze’ (“umbrella use becomes difficult”) with frequent gusts of ‘strong gale’ (“twigs broken from trees, cars veer on road, light structural damage”).

There’s even a large tree down by the local footpath, roots gaping, which isn’t supposed to happen till you have a ‘whole gale or storm’…. but one can get a bit too hung up on the printed word!

After lunch I meant to walk Thundercloud early (around 2pm), but got distracted when I discovered that my posts have stopped showing up in any of my tags. I didn’t have that problem earlier in the week, so it was puzzling. I spent a little time looking at the FAQ and the Help Forum, then decided (approaching 3pm) that I better walk that dog.

When I got outside, I found a heap of rubble lying on the steps. I looked round, and up at the long, sloping roof. There seemed to be a section of ridge tiles missing. I informed Mum, who had been out till about 1pm; there had been nothing lying on the steps when she got back.
“I thought I heard a crash,” she said.

It would have been extremely bad timing if I had gone out when I meant to, and managed to get myself struck by those tiles as they came down… but I can’t help wondering if the WordPress tags saved me from a nasty headache, or worse.

Mum went to advise one of her neighbours not to go out tonight – she was delighted to have an excuse to stay home! “I saw a woman blown down outside Morrisons,” said Mum.

I didn’t spend much time walking Thundercloud, as some strong winds were whistling down people’s driveways. When I switched to the more sheltered footpath, there were large twigs strewn everywhere, along with that uprooted tree. I went out on the top of the hill (it’s a good place to avoid other dog-walkers as you can usually see them coming) but when I stepped out from the shelter of somebody’s tall garden hedge, the wind was so bad that even Thundercloud was staggering.

“I’ve had enough of this,” she said, turning tail. “I’m going home!”
After a quick glance around to make sure there wasn’t a tornado in the offing, I was very pleased to follow in her pawsteps.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “Light Structural Damage

  1. I am most relieved that you were not tile-headed! That would have been awful! There’s enough in the world that gives headaches without the roof flying off and smacking you. That weather sounds as if it could be exhilarating but in context, maybe not so much! Glad you and Thundercloud found your way back to solve the tag mystery! Yea!

  2. It’s still a bit gusty, but not as much – we keep lingering by the steps, putting rubbish in the bins or something, then we remember the tiles and hurry away…

    Hopefully we can get a slater up there when the wind has died down.

    The tags are still rather mysterious, but they seem to be working for me again. In some cases only if I repost the post!

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