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Robin Hood and Maid Diddums

Last night I dreamed we saw two down-and-outs featured on the News – “two beautiful men in a ditch”. They lived in Edinburgh somewhere in the centre of town. They were intelligent and well-read as well as handsome, and had been interviewed giving some of their views on modern society.

My friends were so fascinated by these interesting people that we decided to visit Edinburgh to see if we could spot them. Of course they had no fixed abode that we knew of, but we began searching the edge of a forest park, armed with cameras and binoculars.

In no time at all we discovered them living in two neighbouring hollowed-out trees. One of them had been given free tins of olive green paint, and was redecorating the inside of his.

I didn’t like that colour at all, having worked to eradicate all traces of it from my own home (it’s tricky covering that stuff with pale paint), but when he told me the reason he was doing it was because he’d seen me some time earlier, and was making his tree all nice for when we got married, I couldn’t help feeling quite chuffed.

This famous, intelligent and beautiful tramp could have had his pick of anyone in Edinburgh – and he’d chosen me.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

3 thoughts on “Robin Hood and Maid Diddums

  1. I loved this! Now if I had dreams like that I’d race to bed of an evening.
    Just out of interest what colour did you use to cover up the original offending colour?

  2. I’ve used white and ‘spring blush’ (it’s like a glowing white with a pink reflection). We found that gloss covers the green much better than matt paint. When we got matt white, we were painting forever, and you could still see an annoying patchiness. 🙂

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