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Moving from Blogigo

I didn’t meet up with a lot of success when I was looking into automatically exporting my blog from Blogigo to WordPress… I’m still importing it manually, post by post. I’m copying each old post into the ‘New Post’ box and setting the date to match the original Blogigo date (minus one hour, as Blogigo always seemed to be one hour ahead of me. I remember that made NaBloPoMo 2006 a little more challenging, as I had to post before 23:00 instead of 24:00)!

In transferring my blog, I’ve still only got as far as June 2006! Two or three posts every other day.

I’m unable to transfer the old comments across as actual comments, so if I like any enough to keep, I have to copy them in at the foot of the post.

When I looked into doing the whole thing automatically, I found that we needed an exporter at the original host (Blogigo doesn’t appear to have any). If we don’t have that, it can be done by RSS feed. I’m not sure how that works, but as luck would have it, the RSS feeds at Blogigo have either moved (without telling us) or have been taken down or damaged in some fashion. The RSS feed for my Blogigo blog is now just a blank page with an error message.

I was using Bloglines to subscribe to various Blogigo blogs, keeping an eye on what was being said there. Of course they were mute for quite a long time; after a while Bloglines quietly deleted all of those Blogigo feeds, which were showing no sign of being repaired. (If my feed disappeared similarly from someone else’s list, it was probably never noticed). We don’t have RSS feeds on Blogigo any more, and that’s what drove me away. What’s the point of talking if nobody knows I’ve said something?

WordPress has help forums – I found an enquiry by someone coming from Blogigo (WP blog since deleted), but it doesn’t suggest anything new. I didn’t even try the RSS Feed method – just started bringing the old posts across by hand. I delete each post from Blogigo after it’s copied, unless I happen to remember that it’s linked to from someone else’s site, in which case I leave it up with a message saying I’ve moved.

It’s interesting, in a way – I’ve deleted so many posts that I don’t want up there any more, and it’s a good time to check all my links are still working!


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14 thoughts on “Moving from Blogigo

  1. The Blogigo feeds do appear to be broken at source, affecting all blogs there, which does make you wonder where the support team have gone. Maybe it’s a case of Rise of The Machines and it’s all being run by a Blogigo Terminator?

    I did stumble on Feed43, literally just now. It purports to convert HTML pages which have no working feed (such as your monthly archives), into an RSS feed which could in theory be used to import to WordPress.

    Trouble is you have to tell it how to read your Blogigo HTML source using “sort of regexps, but much simpler”. Regexps (Regular expressions) can be complex so just how much simpler they mean, I’m not sure. I do know Regexps so if you choose to go that way let me know.

    But you probably still couldn’t import comments (don’t think the ordinary WordPress RSS importer can do that), and wouldn’t be able to edit and check links.
    Probably overkill but worth a mention.

    Now then, all that talk of feeds is making me hungry. Time for a nice cup of tea and perhaps even a sneaky peek in the biscuit tin …

  2. I admire your determination! You have so many wonderful things to say, it would be a shame (a) if people didn’t know to read “you” and (b) if any of your posts got lost. My daughter recently moved her blog (with a number of years worth of posts and comments) but she was moving from WordPress to her own website created with WordPress (.org, I guess) software, so her nightmare (which was ‘fun’ to live with while she was doing it) while real, wasn’t so prolonged. She did call support folks at both WordPress and at her hosting service and think that is what saved the day for her. BEST OF LUCK!

  3. Thanks Shu, I’m glad it all worked out for your daughter – sometimes things don’t work as easily as they should. In my case I shouldn’t have taken up with Blogigo, but then I was a beginner, and in some ways I don’t really regret it. I probably wouldn’t have found the blogs that I did if I had started in Blogspot or wherever. I imagine I’m not home and dry yet – the next step would be get get my own blog domain. Another blogger has just told me Turkey blocks all blogs with WordPress in the URL. Why WordPress and not Blogspot? One of those mysteries!

    Hey Bunny, I hadn’t heard of Feed43, thanks! I looked around to see if others were talking about it, and there appears to be a piece by Robert Scobolizer on it (I’m absolutely certain I didn’t spell that right) but I couldn’t get to it last night because it wasn’t loading. Interesting idea.

    For me it’s probably just as much work as carrying on the way I am, especially now that I’m already halfway through, but maybe Drifting would find it worth looking into?

    I was wondering if maybe some hackers got into Blogigo and made a pig’s ear of it – the support team is quite young and inexperienced. There have been a lot of splogs there, as Drifting pointed out.

    Now I’m hungry too… how about some spam on toast?

  4. Hyvää Ystävänpäivä Diddums!

    I was going to try leaving a comment with Drifting, but as I don’t have a Blogigo account and as the blog doors are closed (probably to keep the spam out), I was a bit foxed.
    Happy to help with any queries though.

    No idea who Robert Scobolizer is but I did find his article which points to a similar service, FeedYes. That one is much more automated and was showing potential for your July 06 archive, but you need to register to see how well it worked and it’s only free for 14 days, after which you need to cough up $30 for a year. Being a stingy git myself, I decided to give it a miss.

    All of which suggests there is no gain without considerable pain.

    Now the toast is tempting, but could I possibly ask for vegemite, jam, honey, marmalade, in fact just about anything instead of that whiffy spam please?

  5. I could copy across anything you wanted to say, as all I have to do is click on the ‘login’ button. :-).

    I still can’t reach wozname’s article on Feed43/FeedYes, which is strange – it refuses to load. Maybe it’s a browser issue.

    There’s no vegemite here but there’s honey – just a scraping left, as I was enjoying it on stem ginger oatcakes. Warms up your tastebuds!

  6. That seems like entirely too much work…wow. It must be neat reading through thigns form a years ago.
    As for the vegemite. Well..I’ve never had any. What does it taste like anyways? I keep thinking it’ll sort of taste like the filling in mince pies and tarts. Am I close?

  7. Actually he doesn’t say much (no conclusions or observations) so it’s hardly worth going there, and it does load very slowly for me too.

    I might just take you up on that offer (the comment, not the toast although the honey sounds loverly), I’ll let you know.

    Geosomin: Vegemite is savoury – a yeast-extract food paste – kind of like Marmite, not really like Bovril and sadly no where near as yummy as mince pies and tarts.

  8. Thanks for suggestions! I think it might be ‘easier’ although time consuming to do as you have done and transfer the posts manually. I’m not clever enough to tweak here and there.
    It’s rather sad that the ‘new’ owners of Blogigo don’t seem to give a damn about it. At least I got answers to my queries and complaints from the original owners. Now it’s left to the splogs. Good luck to them.

  9. Now I have another question for you, diddums. How did you backdate the entries? (This site is still a bit confusing to me.)

  10. When putting something in as a new post (or editing a post that’s already there), there’s a ‘timestamp’ further down the page (on the right hand side) which can be changed – but I think it only works if you remember to check the ‘edit timestamp’ checkbox.

  11. Thanks! I was about to come back and say don’t worry, I’d worked it out. 🙂 Now the long business of transferring…

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