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Frustrated with Cheeky

Delilah is frequently chased rather hissily by Cheeky, who seems to like Samson (because he’s a boy?) but goes after Delilah every chance she gets. Samson just sits and watches.

It makes me quite annoyed with the pair of them.

We don’t want to leave the poor kitten being chased around all night while we sleep, so we’ve taken to shutting Cheeky and the other older cats in the back of the house, allowing the kittens to roam the front and upstairs.

The past few nights, there has been a worrying trend. Mum has her bedtime bath, then appears outside my door and says “I’ll leave you to shut the cats up.”

Tonight I asked “why? She’s YOUR cat!” (pointing at Cheeky, who was perched, vulture-like, on the bannister beside Mum).

“And she’s YOUR cat,” said Mum, pointing a finger past me at Delilah, who was relaxing on the printer near me.

I said “it’s just that Cheeky is less likely to scratch you… she gets a bit ‘pfft!!’ about being moved against her will.”

Just then, the subject of our discussions stepped onto Mum’s shoulder, wrapping herself lovingly round her neck. Mum had no option but to take her downstairs.

I turned, grinning triumphantly, to find Delilah regarding me with some surprise… “what was all THAT about, then?”

Just a slight cat spat…



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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