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Kitten and Mouse Panic

The batteries in my PC’s cordless mouse started leaking, so I hastily ejected them and wiped the mouse clean. As I wasn’t using the PC at the time, I left the mouse aside for a while, empty.

The kittens were paddling about, and when Delilah stepped on the PC’s keyboard, a dialogue box appeared on the screen. It said “are you sure you want to delete this file?”

Uh… no!

I had a horrible feeling that the next time Delilah took a step, the PC would say “bye bye, file.”

I grabbed her and put her aside, away from the keyboard, then leaned forward to tap ‘N’ for ‘no’. Just then the other kitten put a paw out and stepped down behind my reaching arm, opening a new window so that the letter ‘N’ didn’t mean anything any more. I couldn’t see a way to close it (my knowledge of keyboard shortcuts is fairly limited).

The only other option was to put the mouse back into operation and cross my fingers it was still working. Pushing the kittens away again, I rushed off to get two batteries. Popped them into the mouse and closed the door. Tried to use it – the cursor on the screen didn’t move.

Scrabbled in the pencil tub for something with a fine enough point and used it to press the reset button on the mouse – cursor didn’t move.

Searched around for the receiver or whatever it’s called – pressed the reset button on that. Then pressed the reset button on the mouse again – cursor didn’t move.

Checked all the cables were fully in, then did it all over again: pressed the reset button on the receiver, followed by the reset button on the mouse.

Suddenly the mouse was working. The Start window (‘would you like to log off?’) disappeared all by itself, and I was able to deny the PC’s offer to delete my fractal art file.

Panic over….. for the time being.

This was my BlogFriday post for the word ‘panic’.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “Kitten and Mouse Panic

  1. Oh, my goodness — you had my heart panicking right along with you. I can picture the very same thing happening in the nest, here. The kitties like to “help” and the more you wish they wouldn’t, the more they WILL. You also evoked the Eternal Battle with the Computer Monster. Eeek. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Several years ago, when I lived alone, I woke up in the middle of the night and heard voices in the other room.

    I was scared half to death. I couldn’t find anything to use to defend myself with, and was considering the consequences of dropping out of a third-floor window, when one of the voices struck me as vaguely familiar.

    I poked my head cautiously our of the bedroom door- and saw that the television was on. My cat had stepped on the remote.


  3. Didn’t I read a book recently about someone who actually jumped out of a window because of something the cat did… that’s right; it was just a fiction book – but she met her future husband when she did that, so you never know. :-).

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