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Sitting Around Mud

Mum glanced in the room, and saw the Invisible Sulk sprawled on my printer.
“How did you know you had to sit there?” she said. “Do you know the name of the cat who used to sit there? Did his ghost speak to you?”
The Invisible Sulk gave her a look, then turned round and settled back down with his back to her.
“He says, ‘what ghost? There’s no ghost'” I said.

It’s just a nice place to sit.

Earlier I had gone downstairs to get fresh juice. Mum was sitting playing Hoyle cards on her Mac.

I told her the girl kitten was bored, and was jumping all over me with her claws.
“I don’t know why they won’t come down here and play,” said Mum.

Then I said I was trying to work out why Father Ted was so funny.
“I don’t find it funny,” said Mum, staring at her virtual cards.
In the split instant before she said it, I knew she was going to say it, even though the other day I said I always rather liked Father Ted, and she nodded and said “yes.”
She always says she doesn’t find things funny, and it takes a little of the fun out of it for me – unless it’s something I don’t find funny either. Sometimes I think…. but that’s just paranoia talking!

I stood quietly for a moment, then twirled into the kitchen to get my juice.
“You never find anything funny,” I shot back, not sure why I was annoyed.
Mum spluttered – “I just don’t find it funny, Diddums, don’t know why.”

I got my juice and went to the bottom of the stairs, about to start up, and two little kittens who had been crouched there, eavesdropping on our conversation, turned round and hurried back upstairs again.

I chuckled, and Mum said “they’re wondering what you’re doing down here in Enemy Territory.”

Fair question… I hope they hold back on the thumbscrews.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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