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The Invisible Sulk


It’s exactly 4 days almost to the minute that I brought my new kitten home, and he’s still hiding. His favourite spot is amongst the books on a shelf (I still haven’t sorted those out – they’ve been there since I moved in).

It didn’t look all that comfortable (I wouldn’t like to have to squat there for hours while someone read or watched TV) so I moved some of the books out and put a bit of Vet Bed down. I don’t know if he’ll still hide there now, but I tried. We heard a crash from downstairs, and when I came up, he had knocked down some of my journals then fled to lurk behind my computer desk.

It occurred to me that later we would be nudging each other and saying “remember when he was just a kitten and he wouldn’t come out and talk to anybody for days?” and laugh reminiscently. Well here’s a photo of it. I didn’t upset him with a camera flash – I used the manual setting, a tripod and no flash. It shows how still he was sitting, as that was quite a long exposure.

He might not be bonding with me yet, but I’m getting fond of him. When I was going to bed last night, I crooned a little song I used to amuse my old cats with. Don’t imagine I’m going to sing it on my blog, though… not a hope of it!



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

8 thoughts on “The Invisible Sulk

  1. Could you bribe him out with treats perhaps?
    My Geek could be brought out of hiding for food…but he’s quite the little chowmeow…you’re very good to let him find his place. I’ve never seen the point in forcing a cat to do anything…they’re too smart for that 🙂

  2. KITTEN!!!!! 😮

    Funny story about Vet Bed: my mum’s cat loves the stuff, but my own cat won’t go anywhere near it. Put him on it, he jumps off. Put him on it and try to keep him there and he growls.

    Maybe they actually had Vet Bed at the vet’s when he got his thing cut off…

  3. Things are improving now – as you mention, the food is usually good as bait.

    That’s interesting about the Vet Bed – maybe you’re right and he associates it with vets! Ours have it in their carriers and went to shows on it, so it doesn’t appear to trouble them. Except that the kitten hasn’t hidden there since… maybe because I took half the books out.

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