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Feeling annoyed about several things…

  • How can some folk treat you like you don’t count? I wonder if they would feel the same if they saw others treat someone they cared about that way?
  • How people have nothing good to say about someone, and when she dies, suddenly she’s an angel with the strength and grit of 10,000, and the world will never see her like again?
  • How everyone’s ridiculously overworked, and not even doing anything particularly rewarding, and then we end life wondering what it was all about?
  • How just running a home is considered of no value compared to gumming up the public transport system every morning and every evening.
  • How some people are determined to be accorded more respect than others, even when it’s a waste of other people’s time and energy.
  • How charity shops are overcharging for things (muddy shopping trolley that somebody spilled something inside…. £8.50? A tiny handbag that still contains a sanitary towel and a shopping list for toilet rolls… £5.50? Dinky little jewellery cases with so much padding that there’s no room for most people’s jewellery collections – anything from £6 to £13?)
  • How people stroll into a shop and don’t give you room to leave it first – do they think there’ll be plenty of room inside with you still trapped in there by them?
  • How set top boxes, DVD players and VCRs operate together in such an incredible muddle that they don’t always do what you expect (much too complicated) and sometimes your set top box refuses to work at all when it was working perfectly well this morning. As a result, you miss Tenko, which you haven’t seen properly (with subtitles) for over 15 years.
  • How things like kettles and juicers are sometimes made in such a shoddy fashion that they fly apart and injure people, and you worry in case it happens to you – but when you’re shopping, all the kettles and juicers look as shoddy as each other and you get the feeling it won’t make much difference which you choose.
  • How people cheat, use small print, try to mislead you about what you’re buying, and don’t tell you the full price of their products.
  • How DVDs force you to watch bits you don’t want to watch (by not letting you speed over them), and when you try to speed over something you’re allowed to speed over, it takes you straight into the middle of the film.
  • How there are too many remote controls with too many buttons using too many different symbols in too many different places, and your brain starts to give up so that most of the time, even months after buying these things, you’re just dabbing all the buttons hopefully, trying to get things to do what you want.
  • How some DVDs are so badly designed you start the film before you’ve even been given a chance to set the subtitles, and it’s not very clear that an X in the box next to subtitles means “I don’t want this” when you think it’s a check in the box for “I DO want this” and you have to go back and do it all over again when the subtitles fail to materialize. And finally when you succeed in putting the subtitles on, the DVD takes you right back to the spot you first discovered they weren’t running, when what you WANT is to go back to the beginning to catch anything else you might have missed (and I’m not talking about the bit that says ’20th Century Fox’ or ‘Dreamworks’ or the trailers of other films).

Think I’ll get to bed now, and let the Invisible Sulk roam unchecked… he might even get on this blog to you, you never know. I hope not.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

5 thoughts on “Exasperated

  1. What really annoys me is how the extra and bonus material on DVD’s are so rarely captioned at all! *grr*

    I’ve heard that’s better on your side of the pond though? I wind up feeling like I’ve paid more for a DVD than I should have, if I can’t watch the bonus. Meh.

  2. My DVD player on the main tv automatically defaults to Spanish subtitles without me doing anything. While it’s a little slightly annoying quirk for me, I know how often the Spanish subtitles don’t come on which would be truly annoying to you.

  3. You’ve made a list of things that annoy me.
    It’s like a mini chatharsis just reading it…thanks!

    Hope your day is going well…and the Sulk is a bit less sulky and invisible…

  4. I find that exasperating as well, when the bonus items aren’t captioned. I’ve found a few recently that did have captioned items, so some are OK. I know what you mean about feeling we don’t have our money’s worth – once I saw a boxed set of videos where the 4th video was all about the making of the film, or some such… I guessed that they probably weren’t captioned; it made the price per video (of the final 3) too expensive for me and I didn’t buy it.

    Spanish subtitles, LOL! That would be interesting at first but I could see it wearing thin. The best DVD players and such would let us pick our own defaults. Mum’s set top box was better than mine because if you chose to watch subtitles, it would keep showing them, but every time I turned mine on, I had to switch on the subtitles separately.

    Funny how I wasn’t going to list these in a blog post, they just burst out. Made me feel better. :-). The Sulk is still invisible… I’m still trying to be reassuring.

    I’ve inventoried my pitchfork so I’m nervous about taking it out of the shed… it would confuse the agent to do an inventory check and find it was out, marching the streets.

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