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Something’s Afoot

Without thinking, I’m still leaving my bedroom door open – just enough to give me privacy, and just enough to let Sharky go in and out. I don’t think I could close the door completely now; I’d feel claustrophobic.

A couple of nights ago, I was vaguely aware of a cat sleeping on my bed (Molly, judging by the weight) but by the time I woke in the morning, she had gone.

Last night she was sitting on me and got very annoyed when I got up to do some cleaning. She tried to keep me on the sofa by refusing to get off. I left the room and said “she wouldn’t let me leave,” and Mum said “I know, I heard her grumbling.”

I didn’t – interesting.

But Molly would be even more annoyed if she knew WHY I was cleaning upstairs… and why I took Sharky’s bed back to my room (after having sadly taken it out)… and why I wouldn’t let Mum remove his cat food from my sitting room upstairs.

Mysterious things are afoot.



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

4 thoughts on “Something’s Afoot

  1. Just curious – have you been able to log in to Blogigo? I’m considering moving here to WordPress now. Their lack of explanation is rather annoying.

  2. Up till now I’ve been able to log in to Blogigo, but I tried again today and it’s not responding. Annoying, but I think they did that a couple of times before, and eventually we got back in.

    I hope we can still get back in, as I was deleting my posts one by one, after moving them across here.

    It’s been a bit of a bombsite for a while – rather sad. :-(.

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