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Reading for Pleasure

I wrote this a while back but didn’t have the energy to post it:

Wednesday 16 Jan 2008

Arose relatively early because a plumber was coming to mend the basin in the bathroom. He went away to fetch something, and we were drinking coffee and waiting for a phone call from the vet. I was reading Vinyl Cafe with a blanket over my knees. Mum suggested the vet might have emailed me, so I came up here to check. There were no emails, but I noticed today’s horoscope.

“Even though lots of exciting and important things are going on right now, you will be gifted with a nice chunk of free time in your day – maybe a meeting gets canceled or your flight gets delayed. This oasis of time is not something you should waste!”

I thought, “oh dear, I was sitting downstairs reading. I wasn’t getting on with things.”

The horoscope went on: “Be prepared for the lull with a good book, magazine or your journal. Savor the chance to get out of your routine and into a more reflective, intellectual course of thinking. You will get recharged by the practice.”

I was annoyed by all the ‘gets’ in that, but… AH HA! I’m glad they said reading is not a waste of time. I should fall out of the habit of thinking that it is. I got into feeling that way that at school and university… it was something to do with studying for exams. Reading for exams isn’t the same as reading for pleasure, and so I learned to feel guilty whenever I sat down with a book I was enjoying for its own sake.



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3 thoughts on “Reading for Pleasure

  1. When I was at university, I was a senior when I made a very sad realization. I had not read a book I wanted to read, just for me, since I was in my first year there. The only excepetions were summer vacations where I read with reckless abandon. I had read good books for classes sure, just not for fun.

    That senior year, a boyfriend of mine gave me a book he thought I had to read. I decided I would read at least 10 pages a day, no matter how busy I was, how exhausted, I gave it 10 pages. After 2 weeks, I found I was getting better at making time to read & time for myself. Time management got better and it seemed more things were just magically getting done and my stess levels were starting to go down.

    Since I’ve written my own blog entry here (sorry), remember, reading is not a waste of time, it is good for the psyche and soul!

  2. I know the feeling. I’ve been busy lately, but I’m trying to finish off the Golden Compas Trilogy and am feeling rather lazy when I sit down to read it. I’m not one to sit and read a few pages and come back to it so I try and fit in an hour or so at a time. I’m hoping to finish it up tomorrow…

  3. That’s one of my problems when reading for pleasure – I get caught up in it and read for hours at a time. It depends – some books I can read just one chapter at bedtime or lunchtime, but others keep me hooked and I have to stay till I find out what happened.

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