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Mother Wit II

I had a funny feeling I was reusing old titles without remembering. I would have called this one Mother Wit if I hadn’t been reposting my old posts from Blogigo – it’s seems there’s a Mother Wit already there.

More recent motherly moments…

Me (watching a cat sitting with her chin and paws on the doorsill of the new cat bed): “Has Cheeky left it at all today?”
Mum: “She popped out for some supper then went straight back in.”
Me (with a heartfelt sigh): “Oh! I would love to be a cat if I could live a life like that.”
(Cheeky gave me a good long green stare from under her eyebrows).
Me: “Can I be a cat please? …Why not? …she’s giving me a lowering look.”
Mum: “She says you haven’t the genes for it.”


On TV a young woman was being interviewed. She stated that whenever she went shopping she took a family-sized bar of chocolate with her. Whenever she got in a bad mood, her mother made her eat it and she was so much better afterwards.

I mused over this a little, then turned my head to find Mum fervently offering me a bar of chocolate.


After shopping, we got into the car, and Mum said “we’ll just go home and have lunch, rather than go to your house.”
“OK,”I said, relieved. “My stomach was rumbling in all the shops.”
“Was that you? I thought it was a thunderstorm.”


Getting into the back of my sister’s car, I grumbled that it was full of leaves and twigs from the last lot of garden rubbish she had taken to the dump. Mum turned round and enquired, “is there a hedgehog hibernating back there?”

(One of the fall-outs from restricted bin timetables – you can’t get into our cars wearing anything nice, and sometimes you can’t stow anything in our cars because they’re already full of stuff waiting to go to the tip. Once Mum had to drive round the recycling plant in a complete circle then start round it all over again because it was clogged with all the other people who had driven in to recycle things).



I live in the UK with two cats -- Samson and Delilah.

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