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Terry Pratchetty Thoughts II

We finished watching The Hogfather DVD and I’ve decided I like it. Not just a little, but a lot. I appreciate his message – and the second episode seemed less dark than the first. There was plenty to chuckle at (seeing as my complaint in Terry Pratchetty Thoughts was that we weren’t laughing).

When we watched the first part, we were tired and not paying that much attention to the details, which is a mistake. When you’re processing them in your own mind, the story makes more sense.

Yesterday we were still confused (and still are about a few things, but that’s like having further gifts under the tree). We stopped the DVD at the end of Episode One, and I said to Mum “why was the Oh God of Hangovers in the Castle of Bones – and what was the Castle of Bones supposed to be anyway?”
“Why are you asking me – how should I know??” she screamed.
“You know it better than me,” I said, sulkily.
“True, I read The Hogfather more recently, but not that recently.”
“You know how you said last night you weren’t sleeping well because you heard jangling, and you didn’t know what it was?”
“Maybe it was the Oh God of Hangovers popping into existence.”
“Oh.. don’t start confusing The Hogfather with reality!”

She said tonight she worked out what the noise was – it was Grumble, scratching his ear. Every time he did that, his bed grated against the radiator.

Hmm. I prefer my theory.

I will read The Hogfather again to try and figure out all the things I’m still confused about, though that Mr Teatime depresses the heck out of me. He’s a sort of Bill Sykes, only sharper and deadlier.



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