Hello World!

I’m emigrating here from Blogigo, which has no feeds!

My old blog of the same name.

It will take me a little while to settle in, especially as there are many other things on the go.


14 responses

  1. Oh very cool! And your feed is safely added to my google reader list…

  2. Hi and thanks! I don’t know if the old posts I’m reposting will show up in Google Reader or Bloglines – maybe it will look at the date and avoid them. Just as well, if so, as there’ll be a lot over the next wee while! I’ve stopped for tonight – off for a shower now.

  3. *wipes his feet before entering*

  4. *passes round the champagne*

  5. Thanks – I better turn the pings off if I’m putting more than a few on at a time.

  6. I’m not sure that turning off the pings stops them going to Bloglines or Google Reader. Of course not, now that I think about it more carefully. Well, I live and learn…

  7. This template looks just like a nicely wrapped box of minty chocolate creams.
    And champagne? Is there a buffet too? I saw something about feeds …

  8. Help yourself. :-).
    Mint creams – one of those ‘musts’ for Christmas, but they’re strangely hard to find (the ones I like).

  9. Merry Christmas.
    Nice and Shiny new place you have here…:)

  10. Help! I’m trying to wish you Merry christmas!

  11. Ah…there we go. My combobulator seems to ahve the hiccups.
    Happy holidays and New Year!

  12. Thank you – and a very merry Christmas to you. :-). I think that once I’ve approved messages here, the system automatically approves messages from those folks in the future.

    Kind of nice. :-).

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