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Too Many Doors and Miles of Skirting Board

My hall is a bear to clean, and even more of a bear to paint. There are 12 doors in it, with what feels like miles of wall in between. We wallpapered one side of the hall but the painting has been a big job.

The living room seemed very bare without a sofa, but yesterday Mum bagged an Ercol suite at auction. Used but very clean and perfectly good – and it supports your head without you having to smoosh down. The wood matches the varnished wood of the door and window sills, and the pink floral upholstery goes with the pink floral wallpaper.

There was a panic at first – Mum rang the light removals guy (the one who lost my desk key) but he’s on holiday! Leaving us with this big bulky suite sitting in an auction hall waiting for transport ASAP. Big Sister fetched some of it, but the two-seater sofa was too big for her car. I was stuck painting the skirting board in the hall at the time, so Mum and Big Sister carried the sofa from the auction hall themselves. Fortunately it’s more or less across the road (more like three streets away).

Mum also bagged a roomy bedside cabinet in perfect condition (£13 bid), and a solid nest of wooden occasional tables (£11 bid) – very slightly scuffed, but presentable.

You know something, I don’t know why folk buy expensive shoogly flat-pack furniture when there are good quality things in auction halls costing almost nothing. Except if we all go to auctions from now on, these things will be a lot dearer! Fair enough, they should be a little dearer; they can stand it.

The house had been really empty, then we filled it with the suite and the tables, and sat down for tea. Watching me anxiously parking a table near my chair, Mum said in a chiding tone: “Really, Diddums – you have too much furniture!”

I felt as though that suite was already ours when we saw it for the first time. Later in the auction hall I spotted a raisin and a sweetie paper on it.
“How dare people snack on our sofa!”
Mum said the culprits were three old biddies who turn up to every auction and bid on all the linen. They settle themselves in for the duration and munch.

See, they know where to get their bargains.

I’m fond of the bedside cabinet, which runs lightly along on little wheels. I was painting the skirting board when Mum arrived and pushed it down towards me, out of the way of the incoming suite. It sat and looked at me, and I looked back and said “hello.”

It has carpeted drawers and its own tray cloth tucked away in the top. Made me smile…

Comments for this entry (during its previous existence on Blogigo):

1. kateblogs wrote at Sep 26, 2007 at 14:21: There are 12 doors in your hall? Diddums, how big is your house? It sounds as though it is mansion size – I thought you said editing is not the route to riches LOL

2. Diddums wrote at Sep 26, 2007 at 14:37: It’s a funny little house – the hall is the core of it; I suppose the same could be said of most houses, but because it’s a bungalow, all the rooms open out of it rather than some of the rooms being up the stairs. I’ve got all those doors, the porch door, airing cupboard, broom cupboards, water tank cupboard…

Come to think of it, I’m glad I don’t have stairs to paint as well, that would be too much.



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